August 1, 2021

Evacuated 28 people after a fire in a restaurant in a shopping center in La Coruña

Evacuated 28 people after a fire in a restaurant in a shopping center in La Coruña

A fire in the storage area of ​​a restaurant has forced the evacuation of 28 people in a shopping center in the municipality of Narón, although it has only caused material damage inside two establishments and no one has been injured, as reported by the 112 Galicia.

Thus, as indicated by the data provided by the 112 Galicia, emergency services that moved to stop the fire evacuated a total of 28 people, eight of them from a cafeteria and the remaining 20 from two movie theaters in the shopping center. Several individuals contacted with emergencies to alert of the fire at 00.30 hours of the dawn of this Sunday.

From there, the staff of 112 Galicia brought the situation to the attention of the Narón firefighters and the Local Police. Members of the Narón Fire Prevention, Fire Extinguishing and Salvage Service They extinguished the fire, which was extinguished at 1:00 am. For the time being, the causes that caused the fire officially are unknown, pending the investigation of the scientific Police.

Specifically, as explained by the deputy manager of Odeon Multicines to Europa Press, the fire as such began at the Premier restaurant. In the cinemas "they began to detect a lot of smoke in the area of ​​the projection booth, they began to check and evicted a couple of rooms adjoining the area where the fire was, " has pointed.

However, he has guaranteed that "there was no great impact, nothing dramatic, was simply detecting the smoke and evict 20 people from rooms 11 and 12 as a precaution." In this regard, he joked that "it was not the colossus in flames."

Also, Garcia has indicated that the fire started in the premises next to the cinemas, "apparently, in a storage area." "I do not know if it was due to a computer or some kind of computer equipment, which burned", as he has said, adding that "the firemen later said they could not secure it until the Scientific Police come."

Degree of affectation

With regard to the affectation of the event, García has assured Europa Press that in the cinemas "it affected mainly the smoke", since "there was not any kind of fire inside the cinema". However, "and as a precaution, and with the most absolute of the reassurances, about twenty people were evicted, more or less," he asserted.

Thus, in the cinema they did not suffer material damages, "Absolutely nothing beyond the annoyance of smoke", as guaranteed by the assistant manager. For its part, it has indicated that in the place where the fire occurred –the Premier restaurant– there was material damage: "because of what the fire chief said that there was some kind of material and electrical damage".

"The area is already sealed by the police and waiting for some electrical technician to determine the extent of the incident, what can be done, what can not be done and, above all, waiting for the scientific police that, in theory , came today – this Sunday, October 7 – to determine how the issue was, "he explained.

In spite of everything, "the activity of the commercial center resumed without any type of problem and it did not affect beyond the internal dependence of a warehouse that they have," says García. "We were only affected by the smoke, because the rooms 11 and 12, the low tier of that room is its premises and, when it burned down there, the smoke got inside and, above all, in the part of what is the projection booth, "said the deputy manager of Odeon Multicines.

Urgent attention

Specifically, according to the information provided by the Servizo de Prevención, Fire Extinguisher and Rescue of Narón (Speis), the alert is received at 00.25 hours by a call from 112 warning of a fire inside the Odeon Shopping Center .

Personnel from the Speis travel with three vehicles and, when they arrive at the point, a restaurant, they check the magnitude of the fire, registered in an area of ​​a local store, and observe that it is partially extinguished, proceeding to evacuate the restaurant staff and completely extinguish the focus of the fire. Further, once the fire is controlled, the adjacent perimeter and local areas are secured, while those responsible for Odeón's cinema evacuate room 11, which is located above the aforementioned warehouse.

The Speis reviews and controls the values ​​proving that they are normal, and the restoration site is sealed, opening an investigation by the National Police, to analyze the facts the Scientific Police. The Speis team returned to the park at 3.07 hours.

Also, in addition to the Speis, agents of the National and Local Police of Narón were deployed to the area. In total, 28 people were evacuated – from the restaurant and the cinema – without having to complain about personal injuries, although there was material damage to the restaurant.



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