Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

Eva Serrano is shaping up to lead Madrid's employers

Eva Serrano is shaping up to lead Madrid's employers

The lawyer Eva Serrano Clavero, founder of the law firm Deiuris Legal Partner and president of the Spanish Association of Women Entrepreneurs (ASEME), emerges as possible new president of CEIM (Confederación Empresarial Independiente Madrileña), replacing Juan Pablo Lázaro, who announced on Tuesday to his board of directors, somewhat by surprise, his resignation from office, which puts an end to years of dedication to business representation. Lázaro also retires from the vice-presidency of the CEOE -local linked to the president of CEIM- and the presidency of the Club Financiero Génova. Alleges that, at 55 years, with at least 10 years of at least professional life, you need to focus exclusively on their businesses, mainly their company Sending Urgent Transport, which has a turnover of more than 40 million euros and maintains 70 branches throughout Spain , with a total of 600 workers. The company does not publish its results, but it has sound numbers and offers important benefits.

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Lazaro had thought about his decision, but kept it secret until the last minute. Last Sunday afternoon he personally called the main members of the Executive Committee and invited them to a luncheon Monday at the Financial Club, in the center of Madrid. There he explained his plans and his motives and advanced that, the next day, he would present the resignation. He also proposed a quick transition, with a temporary successor until the organization holds new elections, already convened for June. At first no candidate emerged to the chair that left Lazaro free, which would force him to continue leading the organization for a couple of months. Little by little, the so-called "professional option" began to work its way as a provisional option, which may also be final. In practice, it all comes down to the fact that the CEIM presidency is remunerated, something that does not happen now, but it is in the chairmanship of the CEOE, which is held by Antonio Garamendi. The figure of the current vice president of CEIM, Eva Serrano, arises then as an alternative that would have the support of the main electors of the employers, that is, the large companies. It would be a "provisional" president, but with enormous possibilities of becoming final after the June elections. Historical aspirants to the post, such as Hilario Alfaro, representative of the small business, doubt whether to appear or not. His experience is not good, because he already lost in an election before Arturo Fernández, who had the support of the big business groups from Madrid and now, unless a candidate of his own emerged, they would support Eva Serrano.

In the background is the confusing case of Avalmadrid - a reciprocal guarantee company controlled by the Community of Madrid, CEIM and the Chamber of Commerce, in which Juan Pablo Lázaro was an advisor on behalf of CEIM-, in which the secretariat of the Council, held by the PwC consultancy, has recommended taking credit operations to the Prosecutor's Office in favor of Gerardo Díaz Ferrán, former president of the CEOE, and Arturo Fernández.


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