February 26, 2021

Eva Mir begins a dazzling career as a playwright that causes her vertigo

Madrid, Feb 21 (EFE) .- When women and men of their generation struggle to find a place in what they have been trained to do, the playwright and theater director Eva Mir, at 24, has premiered two plays at the Center Dramatic National, a brilliant career that he hopes is not a mirage.

“It is dizzying to be up to” the awards, explains the young playwright, aware of responsibility, in an interview with Efe, in which she assures that if she had not won the Calderón de la Barca award she would be “in the abandonment phase” , because he was about to “work on something else. The award has changed everything.”

Eva Mir (Valencia, 1996), graduated in Dramaturgy and Scenic Direction by the RESAD of Madrid, won the 2019 Calderón de la Barca Theater Award for New Authors from the Ministry of Culture for her play “Héroes en Diciembre”

The jury valued “its controversial subject matter, the complex construction of the characters and the quality of its dramatic writing”, an acknowledgment that is not quite believed.

A play that has just taken the stage of the Valle-Inclán Theater, also as director, her second text at the National Dramatic Center where she debuted writing, along with Alfredo Sanzol and Victoria Szpunberg, “La conmoción”.

“Seeing me with an opportunity like this at the beginning of my career generates a distortion, it is as if it happened to another, I feel like an impostor,” he says with a smile.

As a child she wrote short stories, but the theater was far away. She owes to her grandmother her love of reading, to her mother her connection to painting, her love of dance and music – she plays the saxophone – which has allowed her to be connected with the world of art.

He regrets that his generation has a failed image of the theater, that it perceives it as a “compulsory and boring” school subject, which remains in the classics, a circumstance that he believes will change as the age of the creators decreases and young people are given realize that “the texts speak of what is happening to us now.”

He assures that he will never blame the public for not attending the theater, “we are the creators who have to approach them with stories that interest them,” and asks the institutions to generate strategies that encourage them to sit in an armchair.

After a text like “Heroes in December”, he is motivated to write a story that has nothing to do with her, a complete gender change – in which he is now – which to his surprise has led him to mix comedy with science fiction.

Eva Mir defines her references as a hybrid that ranges from the great classics, such as William Shakespeare or Federico García Lorca, authors who appeal to passions, love, death, pleasure, but she also finds them among contemporary authors whom she admires. . “Being able to see what is on the billboard allows me to discover new scenic and dramaturgical forms”.

A great defender of fiction, she considers the theater as a place for reflection and vindication without this meaning abandoning the artistic aspect in pursuit of a discourse, says the author of “Antípodas”.

He acknowledges that the Calderón award has validated his work, has allowed him to skip phases, but once his work leaves the stage he knows that “you have to start over” in a world in which the precarious part has already lived, where it has had than to self-produce his works and launch himself in the search for resources, aware that he has soon arrived where he expected.

“It has been the year of the disaster, but I am living it as the best year of my professional life,” she concludes hopefully.


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