March 7, 2021

Eva Kor, Auschwitz survivor dies

We do not know what terror is. One day we get up in the morning and we are accompanied by a shadow of a nightmare. Little more. Let's stick to the facts, what is known about his encounter with the devil. The destination wanted Eva Kor to die this weekend at age 85 during a trip to Auschwitz. A picture was taken eating "nuggets". It is his testament. He should have died there 75 years ago, but then he saved himself. His family perished in the gas chamber. He saw them disappear on the ramp. His parents and two sisters of 12 and 14 years. Dr. Mengele was fascinated by Eva and her twin sister. Every time twins came to the concentration camp, Mengele felt a mystical satisfaction. A couple more with which to experiment. He carefully separated them. Hell would come later. Eva reported that in one of the rehearsals, the man who wanted to be a fallen angel, face God, but ended up taking the angel of death, took several pairs of twins to a room where he kept them naked for eight hours. He compared the parts of their bodies. Quietly. Like a tailored tailor of the hell. Then it concluded if the millimeters matched. He wrote down everything in a notebook between screams that would burn the paper. Eva also told that in a laboratory they injected them with "up to five different substances". His legs were inflamed. He had to crawl to reach a stretcher. "If I had died, my sister would have been killed with an injection in her heart. Mengele would have done a comparative autopsy. " It was his way of acting. They were released. They were eleven years old. Eva kept all her life that had to be forgiven. And in it he busied himself in the lectures he gave. Maybe that kept her in this world seventy-five years more. With the memory of Mengele's gaze. Some people did not understand that position. But we are not judging her but telling her story. He got married He lived in the United States. The river continued to flow. Mengele loses a witness of unspeakable horror. The memory that should not fade now that the swastikas cross pavements. Eva breathed the same air as others who injected chemicals in their eyes to change their color, endured surgeries without anesthesia in which they sewed them from behind to study the Siamese, those who changed sex and died in the attempt or were forced to copulate to experiment with children born of siblings. He tied the breasts of a mother so that she could not breastfeed her baby and timed the time that the baby held without food. They were seven days. Rest in peace.

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