Eva González reveals how she received the call for 'La Voz': "I was recording 'Masterchef' and I hung up"

Eva gonzalez was the protagonist this week of an installment of 'Off the map', the program in which Alberto Chicote He travels with a familiar face to a remote part of the Spanish geography. During their journey, the presenter of 'The voice' He confessed to the chef how he received the proposal to present the talent.

The one that was Miss Spain was presenter of 'Masterchef' in TVE when his signing began to be forged. In fact, when she received the call to host the new stage of 'La Voz' on Antena 3, Eva was in the middle of a recording of the kitchen talent of La 1, as she herself revealed.

"I was recording, and I got a phone call. I was miked at the time, of course, and they tell me: Eva, would you like to present The voice? And me: I can't, I can't! And I hung up runningBecause it impressed me, "she recalled. The presenter confessed to Chicote that she was in a hurry because she was miked:" I was listening to the whole program.

Then it began to come true: "It was all very secret. I had the feeling that they thought they were signing Messi. And I said: you are not signing Messi. You are signing one from a town, watch out. It has nothing to do with it".

Finally he accepted, since before he felt a "healthy envy" of Jesús Vázquez for presenting the contest. However, he also recognized that what is worst is the live stage: "That's bikini surgery for me. I lose kilos, I get hysterical ... but it drives me crazy, I love doing live shows".


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