Eva González: "I would not have left 'MasterChef' for any format other than 'La voz' | TV

Eva González: "I would not have left 'MasterChef' for any format other than 'La voz' | TV

Eva González (Sevilla, 37 years old) had been in charge of all formats for six years MasterChef in La 1. Around fifteen programs giving way to contestants and judges in the culinary contest. Now it changes the stoves for the microphones and will be the presenter of the finery of The voice, musical talent recently landed on Antena 3 after five years on Telecinco. And it will also do it in its three versions, the normal one, the one of children and the senior (novelty of this year). González returns to the chain and debuted on television in 2004. MasterChef it is without one of its most representative faces, although the program worked the same with its absence when the presenter was a mother and did not have a replacement.

Question. What was the fundamental reason to sign for The voice?

Answer. It is a formatazo, that is clear, but after all it was the music, that I love, it makes me vibrate a lot, it moves me a lot and I think that after so many years presenting MasterChef I wanted to go back to a musical format, a talent, and jolin, is that The voice. I would not have left MasterChef by any other format that was not The voice.

P. And he takes over from Jesús Vázquez after five years at the helm of the Telecinco program …

R. I will try to be myself. Jesus has done superbién, evidently is a reference, is one of the great communicators of this country and I have respect for everything he has done, but I will try to be me and do it with all the illusion and the heart. That is what I bring.

P. How did you tell it on TVE?

R. Nor should we go into details. They have wished me the best and all the good wishes, that is a formatazo, that I enjoy it. They told me that I deserve it, I do not know if it will be true or not, but with a lot of hope they have wished me the best. And with pity too. Both they and I, who are six years of work together, living many things and penita is also there.

P. Leave engraved MasterChef Junior. The same two programs coincide …

R. Those things already escape me, they are chain things. The Junior it's recorded, it's a piece of software too.

P. And the New Year's Eve gala in La 1? You were already habitual in them …

R. Yes, I had been presenting it for many years, but this year we had not talked about it yet.

P. With what type of contract does it reach Antena 3?

R. It's a chain contract. I come to present The voice and, yes, it's a chain contract [que liga en exclusiva a la presentadora durante varios años, con la posibilidad de presentar otros espacios].

P. How did you get the announcement of your signing leaked hours earlier than expected?

R. What anger! He caught me at home with the child, who sent it to me, but hey, it was inevitable at the end, too much that he has endured. But hey, the expectation was the same and in The Hormiguero I had a great time, I played with them and I felt sheltered by the whole group.

P. What is prepared of the program?

R. He has not given us time, I'm freshly landed. I have not yet sat down with the producer or anything to prepare everything and to tell me little things. I know what you know in the press!

P. Have you reviewed previous editions?

R. I was a follower of The voice, I used to like that very much. And I finished recording MasterChef Junior last Thursday and with the bridge in between, the truth is that I have not had time to see anything.

P. What does your career at this moment mean to sign up for Antena 3?

R. It is a new challenge, a step forward, but also a step back. This is where I started, with a program that was called UHF, 14 or 15 years ago. The first opportunity I got on television was in this house, so it's also going back to the origins and a little bit coming home. And on the other hand a huge challenge and a step forward in my career.


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