Euthanasia: Stop us | Society

Euthanasia: Stop us | Society

Ten years ago the person signing this article received the Ortega y Gasset prize for journalism for an article in which he told how he had helped his mother die, a victim of terminal cancer.

Today, April 4, ten years after that, the police have arrested Ángel Hernández for doing the same, that is, for giving his wife, María José Carrasco, and according to her, a substance that helped her die , when I was the victim of a disease, multiple sclerosis, in terminal phase.

The cases are very similar, and it is difficult to discern why one ends without anyone paying for it and the other with the humiliation that the perpetrator was arrested by agents of group V Homicide.

Angel will be, I imagine, very soon freed from the action of the police. And he will be able to carry out the duel for María José without having metallic cuffs tighten his wrists. For that, it's worth the Minister of the Interior is a decent guy.

The Bishop of Alcalá, Juan Antonio Reig Plà, who wrote a pastoral letter against euthanasia, will also remain at liberty. And they will remain free the deputies of the PP and of Citizens who have obstructed throughout this legislature that the government has been able to fulfill its promise to pass a law on the matter.

There are not people in jail of all those who got sick of calling Dr. Luis Montes a killer because he applied palliative care to terminal patients. The guy was a good guy, and he died with a smile on the lips of those who have done their duty. At least, the judges allowed him to savor the taste of moral victory.

The deputies of Citizens who have worked against the law because parliamentary arithmetic demanded it are not in jail either. I believe that the homophobic followers of Reig Plá, the meapilas of the PP, do not deserve punishment, because it seems that they really believe in the doctrine against homosexuals and practitioners of euthanasia.

They are not in jail, and they do not even go to the police station. That has its good part, because Ángel Hernández, the husband of María José Carrasco, whom he helped die, He will not have to see their faces before facing the cruel moment of mourning for his wife.

There are many questions to be cleared about this issue. The most important is to know when there will be a law of euthanasia in Spain.

Others are minor in appearance. For example, we do not know if Angel was handcuffed when he was arrested, to prevent him from euthanizing anyone he met on the street.

And I still have a certain resentment, because I do not know if mine has prescribed or there is still the possibility that I share a dungeon with Angel. I will be delighted and will take with me the Ortega award diploma.


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