Euthanasia: "María José had a panic about what could happen to me to help her die" | Society

Ángel Hernández, this Friday at his home in Madrid. In video, Hernandez's statements after spending the first night at home without his wife.

Several hours after being released without precautionary measures for helping his wife commit suicide, Ángel Hernández feels "very affected, but also happy and happy or satisfied because she has stopped suffering". Hernandez, 69, attends the media at her home in Madrid, This Wednesday he brought Maria José Carrasco, 61, a glass with a medicine that caused the death he had been asking for for years.

"Going into a cabin of a few meters, hours and hours without being able to mourn my wife, has been quite strong," said Hernandez on Friday Public Mirror program of Antena 3. Hernández videotaped both the express request of Carrasco that helped her to die as the moment in which she drinks the substance that ended her life, after suffering multiple sclerosis for 30 years. "There you see all the suffering of my wife the last three months, so that people see the need that there is for euthanasia," he explains. The couple hoped that Congress would approve the bill proposed by the PSOE to decriminalize it, but the block of PP and Citizens made it impossible. Despite this, Hernández continues to defend his need. "Euthanasia, like abortion, does not oblige anyone to do it, to regulate it and to the people who need it, to apply it," he says.

Hernandez says he knew he could be arrested for assisting his wife in suicide. And that precisely the fear that Carrasco had to the penal consequences for him was one of the reasons why he delayed his decision. "She wanted to die for a long time, but ask me ... She was a court secretary, and I was afraid that I would help her, that what happened to me would happen to me."

"She could have done it several years ago," explains Hernández, when he still had mobility in his hands. Then, he managed to buy the medication he finally took on Wednesday through the Internet. But he started to get worse from a herniated disc, and then from an umbilical hernia, and he had to operate. "He decided to wait for me to solve my problem, to see myself well." Due to the rapid progression of the disease, "she ran out of hands and I had to offer her my hands".

"I had been asking for it for many days, I was very exhausted, suffering a lot, the morphine guidelines were no longer useful and we decided to do it that day," she says. "I was also very sore, because it was a really very difficult situation, having to be the one who made my wife stop suffering." Hernandez tells that he told his wife that he wanted her to do it, she had to ask for it, "so that it would not be an induced thing". "That's why I recorded it, because it was very important that it be recorded that she had requested it from me."


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