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Euthanasia enters the campaign

La eutanasia entra en campaña

The death of a woman with the help of her husband He has reopened the euthanasia debate in full electoral pre-campaign and this is echoed by the main Spanish headlines this Friday and dedicate his editorial. Beyond that, the defeat of Torra in the Parlament, where on Thursday elections were demanded, and a bitter debate on account of the approval of the law of police abuses in the Basque Chamber are protagonists in the Spanish press. In fact,
The reason
The world
They dedicate the main photo to the second question and use it to point out Pedro Sánchez and the PSOE.

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The country
notes that "Ángel and María José reactivate the cause of euthanasia" and
The vanguard
states that "the detention of a man who helped his wife die reopens the controversy of euthanasia." "Debate about death," says La Razón and
The newspaper
remarks that there is a "defendant to help his wife die, in terminal phase". "María José asked for the death of her husband", sums up
The mail

Opinions found in the editorials

In this regard, El Periódico states in its editorial on euthanasia that "more than 80% of the population is in agreement with the regulation and it is urgent that the new legislature puts all the effort into doing so". "It is not only about decriminalizing euthanasia, but about regulating a process understood as an individual right incorporated into health services, with a restrictive proposal in prevention, but at the same time, broader than other similar legislation in the cases", add in another fragment.

The newspaper
notes that "the lack of regulation of euthanasia causes unnecessary victims" and that the "detention of the man who has helped his wife die worthily reopens a necessary debate". "Just as we have the right to live with dignity, we also have the right to die in conditions. Death is also part of life. To know how to die well is to know how to end life well. Seen this way, the right to a good death makes all the sense. And it allows conceiving euthanasia, well regulated, as a perfectly human right, "the Catalan newspaper concludes, defining euthanasia as" allowing death to come when one decides that life has become physically unacceptable: that is what euthanasia is about , the right to a dignified death only in extreme cases ".

The reason affirms that "suicide can never be legal" and assures that the majority of surveys indicate "the rejection of euthanasia is socially transversal, regardless of religious beliefs, moral or political positions, and does not particularly concern a society that, for Of course, he knows how to distinguish perfectly between what it means to accelerate the death of a person and the useless prolongation of the life of the terminally ill, through what has been called 'therapeutic harrassment' ".

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The world it warns in its editorial that "euthanasia is already regulated" and that "it would be irresponsible to go beyond the current legislation on euthanasia without having the necessary social and political consensus". "The World has been in favor of the right of each person not to submit to" therapeutic harrassment ", but has always been against active euthanasia, embracing the ethical mandate to exhaust all resources to protect life. But one thing is that and another artificially keep alive a patient who has no cure, is suffering and wants to die, "explains the Editorial Unit newspaper.

The anger in the Basque Parliament

The world "The PSOE votes with the PNV a law that humiliates the police" and highlights that "Bildu calls' Nazis of Nuremberg 'the Security Forces." "Sanchez partners call the Nazi' Police", says The reason. "Bildu, Sanchez's ally, calls the police" Nazi ", points out ABC. "The PP leaves the Basque Chamber after the insults of the proetarras to the Security Corps in a full fury in which the law of police abuses was approved with the only opposition of the popular," Vocento's diary details.

Another header of the same group, The mail, also dedicates the photo to the debate of the Basque Parliament and explains that "Bildu recovers his speech harder and provokes a sharp parliamentary debate", without linking the issue to the PSOE.

ABC considers that "any strategy of laundering Otegi, or any exchange of smiles and prebends with Catalan separatism on the part of Sanchez, should be penalized at the polls" after the votes of Bildu endorsed the decrees of Sanchez and the episode of Vitoria of this Thursday.

"The vile insults of a deputy from Bildu yesterday in the Basque Parliament show how emboldened the Proetarians are," says El Mundo. "The most serious thing is the consent of a PSOE delivered to both the PNV and the heirs of Batasuna by pure electoralism," he adds, in line with ABC. "This norm, which even seems lukewarm to proetarras, calls into question the performance of the Security Forces and Corps in the Basque Country between 1978 and 1999, extending a whole mantle of intolerable suspicion and appealing lightly to something so serious as the violations of human rights, "says the Editorial Unit newspaper on the law that was approved.

The defeat of Torra

On the Catalan question, "The Parlament weakens Torra more by demanding elections already," he says. The country. "The Parlament urges Torra to call elections," leads La Vanguardia and El Periódico, which also dedicates the main photo, sums it up: "The Parlament demands elections." "The Parlament colla to Torra", affirms The Punt Avui, which details that the PSC motion prospered by a vote of difference, and the newspaper Ara points out that the Catalan Chamber "demands Torra elections or a question of confidence", in the same sense as El Correo.

The reason goes further and says that "Torra will mock the Parliament: neither motion nor elections," after the President of the Generalitat rejected Thursday's call for elections for now.

"If Torra were left with a bit of responsibility, he would call the elections in the face of an effective inability to govern," El Mundo states in his editorial. "The resignation of the CUP to participate in the vote again made clear the parliamentary weakness of a Government plunged into paralysis, irrelevance and instability," he adds.

ABC points out that "the only way out for Torra is to resign now" and points out that "the self-destruction of the Catalan independence movement experienced yesterday another episode with the express resignation of the CUP to continue artificially supporting Joaquim Torra". "It is no longer about ERC and the PDECat having discrepant strategies, or about Puigdemont having shattered his own party by directing a fracture from Belgium. It is that the extremists of the CUP intend to give the coup de grace to the most illustrious legislature known as Catalunya in democracy, "he adds.

El Periódico states that Torra "only obeys when it suits him" and explains that "in this line of lack of institutional sense is the creation of an Institutional Seguretat Area that will take charge of the security of Torra, the consellers and the expresidents ". "Although they want to equate what exists in the Moncloa, the Elysium or the White House, the truth is that in the current context the suspicion that it is a kind of patriotic police to face new episodes of one-sidedness in a More or less immediate future is more than reasonable, "says the newspaper in its editorial.

152 Mossos for the guard of Torra

In another order of things, The country takes that "Casado summarizes his program in 'throw Sanchez'" and The reason He points out that "the PP finds that 30% of its voters in 2016 are undecided". He also explains that "the president banishes the 'nation of nations' from his program." El Periódico highlights that there are "152 mossos for the guard of Torra".

The country devotes its editorial to the decrees that validated the Permanent Deputation of Congress and notes that "it could be seen in the session is that there are still parties, such as the PP, who refuse to go down to the detail of the initiatives and that, supposedly protected in its principles ideological, reject them en bloc with the sole desire to get electoral revenue to the old partisan polarization. "They voted against even the decree law that establishes a contingency plan before a Brexit without agreement", affirms and opposes Citizens, which validated three. "Any government has the legitimacy and the obligation to govern until the last minute," says the newspaper.

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