September 22, 2020

Euskadi will receive for March the transfer of school insurance, pharmaceutical products and pre-retirement assistance

These are matters foreseen in the agreement reached by both parties last year on some thirty matters pending transfer according to the Statute of Basque Autonomy, which was paralyzed by the end of the legislature and the repetition of elections. The new Minister of Territorial Policy, Carolina Darias, met today with the Basque Minister of Governance and Self-Government, Josu Erkorerka, and they have updated that pact.

Darias will go to the Basque Country on February 20 to schedule the rest of the pending issues. “The commitment to advance is firm on the part of both executives,” Erkorerka said.

In addition, next week both parties will meet to advance agreements that allow the withdrawal of competencies raised in the Constitutional Court.


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