Euskadi will limit meetings to six people due to the increase in infections in recent days

Euskadi and, above all, Gipuzkoa, have experienced a sudden increase in coronavirus infections in recent days. The data for Friday and Saturday -more than 800 cases on both days- are from the worst days of the entire pandemic and Gipuzkoa has had its highest incidence rate ever for a week after having endured better than Álava and Bizkaia the first blows of COVID-19. In this scenario, the Iñigo Urkullu government has decided to reduce the limitation of social or family gatherings from 10 to 6 people.

The coronavirus crisis: maps and graphs of its expansion in the Basque Country

The coronavirus crisis: maps and graphs of its expansion in the Basque Country

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Likewise, the capacity is reduced to 50% in hotels (except terraces), cultural events or religious events. The maximum attendance at a sports match drops from 600 to 400 indoors and 600 outdoors. 'Txokos' and gastronomic societies are closed and the hours change: parks, gardens and children's play areas will close at 11.00 p.m. and the hotel business anticipates its completion at midnight. Finally, all non-federated sport competitions are suspended.

They will come into force in the "coming days", when it is published in the Official Gazette of the Basque Country (BOPV) after its "ratification" by the Superior Court of Justice of the Basque Country.

Urkullu chaired at noon this Saturday the meeting of the crisis table of the health emergency, an alert decreed on August 15 when the second wave came ahead in Euskadi with a strong peak. It was an extraordinary summons due to the circumstances that have occurred in recent days. The situation in Navarra has fully affected Gipuzkoa and several municipalities have exceeded the threshold of 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days. Beasain even doubles that number. The territory itself remains at 426 (approximately 265 from Álava and Bizkaia). His R0 -cases derived from each positive- is 1.37 (1,227 on average in the Basque Country).

This body called LABI by its acronym in Basque seats those responsible for Health, Safety, Education, Public Governance or Tourism and Commerce as well as the deputies general and the mayors of the capitals, as well as the delegate of the Government of Spain, Denis Itxaso .

"They are measures to cut the upward trend", justified the Minister of Health, Gotzone Sagardui, who has appeared at a press conference. It has considered that the Basque Country is at alert level 4 out of 5, which is considered "high transmission". In addition, he has predicted that the chain of infections will increase. For this reason, it has summoned society: "We call for the reconsideration of those activities that involve mobility and concentration of people."

Near the record for revenue in the second wave

The latest data from the pandemic confirm the worsening of the situation, with 841 new positives notified and a rate of 7.73% in relation to the PCRs carried out, well above the desirable thresholds (WHO, 5%; Europe, 3% ). The problem is concentrated in Gipuzkoa, with 430 infected in 24 hours, while in Bizkaia there have been 321 and 84 in Álava -in addition to 8 cases among outsiders detected here-.

Despite being a weekend, the Basque Health Service (Osakidetza) has detailed detailed incidence rates and the situation by counties and municipalities. There are 322 people hospitalized and there were 58 people admitted on Friday, very close to the top of the second wave (61 daily). There are 51 critical people in the ICU.


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