Eusebio Sacristán reappears in the final stretch of his recovery

The former footballer and coach Eusebio Sacristan has reappeared publicly in a meeting with his Foundation eleven months after the accident that caused a head trauma. At the beginning of the year, Valladolid entered the ICU and, despite being stable, it happened 21 days in observation to later move to Barcelona to continue his rehabilitation. This Thursday the Eusebio Sacristán Foundation issued a statement through its account Twitter to thank everyone who had been concerned about his health for the support. “Yesterday we ended the day with our founding patron. Eusebio, accompanied by part of his Foundation team, thanks all the signs of affection and concern for his health this year and continues to work to return to his projects, now in the final stretch of his recovery. ”

The same statement ensures that the former Barça, Real Sociedad or Celta de Vigo is already “in the final stretch of his recovery”. The Foundation has also reported on the meeting between its directors, including its director Pedro Crespo and former soccer player Juan Carlos Rodríguez, with the president of Barça, Joan Laporta, who later concluded the day with Eusebio Sacristan.


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