June 13, 2021

Eurovision 2021 | Follow the final live

The representative of Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, Blas Cantó, defends his theme ‘I’m going to stay’ in the thirteenth position of the grand final of the european contest, which takes place this Saturday, May 22 at the Rotterdam Ahoy (Rotterdam, Netherlands).

In this way, the Murcian artist sings this Saturday in Eurovision 2021 after the cancellation of the 2020 edition due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and after receiving the support of RTVE to be the representative of Spain in the LXV edition of the Song Festival.

According to the order released this Friday by the organization, the young singer performs at the fair number 13 spot behind Icelanders Dadi & Gagnamagnid, with their theme song ’10 Years’, and ahead of Moldovan Natalia Gordienko and her ‘Sugar’. The grand finale of the contest opens the representative of Cyprus, Elena Tsagrinou, who defends ‘El Diablo’, and closes the Senhit competition, from San Marino, with the song ‘Adrenalina’.

Follow the Eurovision 2021 final live

Italy, represented by Maneskin with ‘Zitti e buoni’ reaches the grand final in the first place of the bookmakers, followed by the French Bárbara Pravi with ‘Voilà’, while Destiny Chukunyere, of Nigerian origin, will represent Malta with a song, entitled ‘Je me casse’, with which she continues to gain ground and is already third. When betting specifically on the winning country, Spain disputes the last place with Albania, as reported to Europa Press, Sportium sources.

A ballad dedicated to his grandmother

Dedicated to his grandmother, Cantó’s proposal for this 2021 -which nor could participate in Eurovision 2020 with his song ‘Universo’ after the suspension due to the global pandemic situation – it is ‘I’m going to stay’. Signed by the artist himself together with Leroy Sánchez, Daniel Ortega ‘Dangelo’ and Dan Hammond, it is a ballad that preserves influences from great classical ballads and in which he plays with all his vocal registers.

Blas Cantó admits that he feels “very good, trying to enjoy the music Olympics”, for which he has been preparing for two years and “very lucky to be able to be part of this festival “, something that has always been “a dream” for the singer.

“Nothing is what you expect, it is impressive and full of surprises,” said the Murcian artist, who has assured that, despite everything, he has prepared “for possible complications” that would mean that someone from the team could test positive in Covid-19.

He sang leads the Spanish delegation at Eurovision 2021, which also includes his five choristers – Alba Gil, Héctor Artiles, Daira Monzón, Irene Alman and Dángelo Ortega – with whom he has worked for many years and “are part” of his life. . Austrian set designer Marvin Dietmann is in charge of creating the staging of the Spanish representative.

The grand finale of the 65th edition of the European contest can be followed through La 1 de TVE and RTVE Digital, starting at 9:00 p.m., with the narration of Tony Aguilar and Julia Varela. This television show is followed by 200 million people.


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