Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

Eurovisión 2020 gives exit to the candidacies after the cancellation of the festival

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is already taking the first steps to be determined after they decided last week cancel this edition of the Festival of Eurovision by the world crisis of coronavirus. An outbreak that has prevented this coming May we see in Rotterdam the largest musical event in the world, but before which we have already taken a decision.

As the Croatian HRT has advanced, the organizer of the musical contest has decided to release the 41 Eurovision nominations by compiling each latest proposal on a global album. The objective is none other than to honor the artists who, on this exceptional and historic occasion, will not be able to complete their candidacy.

Blas Cantó, Spanish representative at Eurovisión 2020

Blas Cantó, Spanish representative at Eurovisión 2020

At the moment this initiative is not available to the public, but it was planned to be developed a double CD with the 41 nominations and in which the followers of Blas Cantó could enjoy Universo, the theme with which the artist sought to crown himself in Rotterdam as the third Spanish representative to win the Eurovision Song Contest.

And, as the EBU pointed out, the artists of the 2020 edition will not be able to repeat with the same song next year. Yes they will be able to present themselves as interpreters, but not the theme with which they were going to perform in Rotterdam this coming May.


Finally, another of the measures adopted by the conglomerate that organizes the song festival has been make a kind of Eurovision where you can not vote. That is, it could be a mere concert based on video clips or other audiovisual elements, which brings together all the performances that this 2020 have not come to fruition. However, these are hypotheses, the mechanics have not been confirmed. The date for this event, either.

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