Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

Eurovision 2019 begins the construction of the stage

Eurovisión 2019 comienza la construcción del escenario

A little over a month to be celebrated Eurovision 2019, the eurofans are with the heart in a fist. The Festival has not yet stage and the construction They only take a few hours. As every year, this is one of the issues that most concerns and generates great expectation. Will it live up to the expectations of the staunch fans of the event?

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Although at first the organization had to start with the assembly last Monday, a series of bureaucratic problems has had in suspense the Israeli public channel, the KAN. The government did not allow them to enter the Convention Center Tel Aviv various materials. But as soon as the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) has requested explanations, the police have allowed the entry of what is necessary.

The expectations of the eurofans are high in terms of the spectacular nature of the Eurovision scenario. Every time more light is requested, more screens, more technology ... After all, it is a television show. Therefore, the design and subsequent assembly is so important.

The teams technical and logistical features are already in the Expo and the countdown begins. This year, there will be two venues to host the contest. On the one hand, Pavilion 2, where the stage will be; and on the other, the pavilion 1 that will fix the call Green Room with all 42 participating countries. In fact, the latter will be located in an adjacent place due to the limited space.

The company in charge of the construction,
M & M Production Management, publishes daily how these advances go
in the construction. And for the moment, they show the areas where the changing rooms will go, the main stage, the beams used to fix the gigantic structure, and all kinds of gear and machinery that are already underway to build a scenario that represents the Israeli tradition.

Recall that the designer Florian Wieder is responsible, one more year, of this work, and that will raise a triangular track. It would be a kind of diamond flanked by two footbridges that cross the pit of the enclosure. There are two stairs placed at the ends of the stage that join in a platform joined to the central part thus separating the Eurofans from the stage.

'Eurovision 2019': New images of the official scene of Tel Aviv

'Eurovision 2019': New images of the official scene of Tel Aviv

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