Europe's leading consumer organizations urge the EU to issue 'coronabonos'

The main consumer and user organizations in Europe have asked the leaders of the European Union and the national authorities of their respective countries to issue 'coronabonos' as a common debt instrument to deal with the coronavirus crisis.

This has been claimed by Euroconsumers, together with its national organizations, among which is the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) in Spain, in a letter sent to the institutional leaders of the EU.

According to his calculations, the losses derived from the Covid-19 pandemic amount, up to now, to 6,300 million euros in Spain, to which 12,300 million are added in Italy or 1,400 million euros in Belgium or Portugal.

Given that this is a "pan-European" crisis, these organizations are confident that the issuance of 'coronabonos' can help raise the necessary funds to guarantee the long-term stability of the single market, protect companies, the health system and the purchasing power of households.

Likewise, they have transferred their intention that, once the crisis is overcome, "it is not possible to return to work as usual", so they demand a "greener path towards the construction of a more sustainable future".

"At Euroconsumers, we are ready to play a leading role in building a more sustainable future. Our ambition is to help create an 'Approved by tomorrow' economy and society. It will be a long and arduous journey, but European consumers , with their organizations, are willing to do their part. We ask the EU leaders not to disappoint us, "the letter concludes.


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