August 9, 2020

European women, in comparison to men, work for free from today until the end of the year – La Provincia

The General Union of Workers (UGT) has warned, on the occasion of European Day of Wage Equality, of what since November 3 and until the end of the year European women work for free, because, according to the European Commission, women earn an average of 16.2 percent less than men in the EU.

In Spain, Salary gap is 14.2 percent, tripling rates in Italy, Romania and Luxembourg, so that Spanish workers work for free from November 10 until the end of the year.

The European Comission notes that management charges and supervision They are "overwhelmingly" occupied by men. This trend has its greatest reflection at the highest level, since only 6.3 percent of CEOs are women.

In addition, he assures that women take charge of unpaid tasks, such as domestic work and the care of children or relatives on a larger scale than men, who use an average of nine hours per week in unpaid care and domestic activities, while working women devote 22 hours a week, almost four hours every day. days.

In the labor market this is reflected in the fact that more than one in three women reduce their salary by working part-time, while only one in ten men do the same.

The women, according to the European Commission, they tend to stay out of the labor market for longer That men; and to be "overrepresented" in sectors and occupations that offer lower wages, such as teaching or commerce.

The European Commission has also warned that wage discrimination, although illegal, "continues to contribute to the gender wage gap."

UGT applauds the conciliation proposal presented by the commission that includes the right for all parents to enjoy at least 10 days of work leave in the days immediately before or after the birth of a child. In addition, the commission has launched an Action Plan to address the gender pay gap for the 2018-2019 period.

'I work for free'

In this context, UGT will relaunch, as of November 10, the campaign 'I work for free' for the third consecutive year, in order to raise awareness among all workers about this discrimination based on sex, which has a "severe" impact on women's wages and that "will be accentuated beyond their working life, during their retirement stage ".

Further, The union demands the Government to approve a Law on Equal Pay and the activation of all possible mechanisms to enforce the Spanish Constitution in its articles 14 and 9, since its fulfillment derives the salary equality between men and women; and that it complies with the recommendations of the European Commission in this matter.

In the same line, the union demands the opening of a social dialogue table on this matter, involving all the ministries, and the political parties that join this historical demand of the union, which is fighting to eliminate the differences.

Finally, she criticizes that the lack of equality policies prevents advances in the elimination of this discrimination, which already affects more than eight million workers and more than two million women who have agreed to retire.


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