European sovereign debt falls, except in Italy, and that of the US falls to a minimum

The sovereign debt of the eurozone countries has begun this session on Thursday, except for the Italian one, while in the US. The profitability of your ten-year bonds is at a minimum.

At 9.45 the yield of the US reference bond falls to 1.3%, which is a historical minimum, and even shortly before 9.30 it lost that level (1.3%) and stood at 1.29 %.

In Europe, in the case of Germany, the interest of its ten-year bond, known as the German and reference bund in the continent, has renewed its minimums since October 2019 to stand at -0.517%.

Likewise, the profitability of the Spanish ten-year debt falls to 0.2241%, and that of the French debt is reduced to -0.244%.

On the contrary, in Italy, the yield of its ten-year bonds rises to 1,162% due to fear of the coronavirus.

The yields of the reference bonds show a downward trend due to investors' interest in public debt, one of the assets considered refuge and less volatile.


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