July 24, 2021

European pilots association asks Ryanair to stop the closure of several bases

European pilots association asks Ryanair to stop the closure of several bases

The European Pilots Association (ECA) today asked the airline Ryanair to withdraw "immediately" the announced closures of the bases of Eindhoven (Holland) and Bremen (Germany), as well as reducing the size of the Niederrhein ( Germany).

The ECA described as "declaration of war" the closures of bases and the reduction of fleets announced by the low cost airline, and considered that this "will exacerbate the recent deterioration" of the relationship between the company and its cabin staff, which in In recent months he has resorted to several strikes to ask for improvements in his employment situation.

"The pilot associations demand the immediate withdrawal of base closures in Eindhoven and Bremen and the reduction of Niederrhein's," Dirk Polloczek, president of the Association that federates pilot unions in Europe, said in a statement.

In that sense, the ECA asked the company to "change its confrontational approach" and considered that "taking actions to force pilots and cabin crew to move or lose their jobs and income is not what is needed to build trust. and a solid base of negotiation. "

"It is difficult to see how one can realistically expect to reach agreements with unions with such threats hanging over their heads," Polloczek said.

On October 1, Ryanair reduced its profit forecast for this fiscal year by 12%, which began on March 31, as a result of strikes by its workforce, higher costs for compensation to customers and higher oil prices.

As a palliative response to this situation, the airline will reduce its offer of flights by 1% this winter, which will result in the closure of the small bases of Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, and Bremen and Niederrhein, both in Germany.


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