European liberals approve their election manifesto for 2019 for "freedom, opportunities and prosperity"

European liberals approve their election manifesto for 2019 for "freedom, opportunities and prosperity"

The European liberals and democrats, meeting in Madrid since last Thursday with Citizens as host, adopted on Saturday the manifesto containing their main ideas for the 2019 elections to the European Parliament.

The manifesto, in which they have been working for almost a year, has been approved at the 39th Congress of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), where more than a thousand delegates have participated.

"We are ready, we will fight for Europe and for its citizens, for peace and prosperity, for individual liberties and for the future, and we will win!" Declared the ALDE party president, Hans van Baalen, at the close of the meeting .

Under the title "Freedom, opportunities and prosperity: the liberal vision for the future of Europe," the manifesto states that in the upcoming European elections, voters will have to choose between "renewing the EU to develop individual freedoms, prosperity and stability." "or" return to the times of nationalism and authoritarianism. "


Liberals are committed to a Europe "rich in diversity and united by the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens", a "free, fair, dynamic and open" Europe that guarantees the rule of law and protects its citizens against the climate change, terrorism, cyberconflicts and organized crime.

They also bet on "a strong social contract for a competitive economy" and to take advantage of technological and digital evolution, boost research and promote economic innovation to put Europe in a leading position. They also defend free trade and claim the role of companies and entrepreneurs.

The Liberals and Democrats gathered these days in Madrid have supported the proposal to create a multiparty and transnational platform for ALDE to compete in the 2019 elections together with "other pro-European forces" and "prevent the xenophobic, nationalist and populist forces from prevailing."

One of the formations that will be integrated into that joint bid to the European Parliament will be En Marche !, the party of the president of France, Emmanuel Macron.


On the other hand, this Congress has elected the Czech Dita Charanzová to occupy one of the nine vice-presidencies of the party, the Danish Henrik Bach Mortensen and the economic responsible for Citizens, Luis Garicano, have also been re-elected as vice-presidents and the Slovenian Gasper Koprivsek repeats as treasurer.

Koprivsek, of the SMC party, has received 362 votes in favor, while Henrik Bach Mortensen (Venstre) has obtained 327, Charanzová (ANO 2011) 306 and Garicano 275.

Four new full members have also been welcomed: the Slovenian Stranka LMS, the Hungarian Momentum, the French Radical / Social-Liberal Movement and the Slovenian Progresivne Slovensko, who join the 63 formations that were already part of ALDE .

After the expulsion of the PDeCAT on October 27th due to the corruption cases of its old brand, Convergència, Ciudadanos is now the only Spanish formation integrated in the ALDE Party and the second one with the greatest weight in the decision making, only behind the German Liberal Democrat Party (FPD).


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