European justice rejects the request to urgently address the ‘Super League case’

Protest against Chelsea supporters Super League.

Protest against Chelsea supporters Super League.

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has rejected this Thursday the request of the commercial court number 17 of Madrid to urgently process the ‘Super League case’, through a letter issued by the highest court of the EU, as Europa Press has learned.

A Madrid court had asked the CJEU to consider whether UEFA has violated European Union (EU) competition law by “blocking” the main European football clubs the possibility of creating a Super League outside the continental competitions that organizes UEFA.

According to the aforementioned letter from the CJEU, dated July 8, the letter informs the Superliga and UEFA that it has rejected the procedure initiated by the Madrid court to expedite its resolution, explain sources from the European body.

In this sense, the procedural decision leaves Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus -the only three clubs that remain committed to the new project- with no hope of getting a quick sentence on his ability to found a new competition outside of UEFA.

The complaint claims that UEFA and FIFA have a “monopoly on the organization and authorization of international competitions” and according to the ECJ letter, the deadline for interested parties to submit observations on the complaint has been set at 18 October.


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