November 30, 2020

European funds and the Recovery Mechanism “fatten” the Agriculture budget by 10.2%




The 2021 General Budgets project establishes for the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food a total allocation of 8,405 million euros, of which 407 million will come from the European Union Recovery and Resilience Mechanism (MRR), and that represents 10.2% more budget than in 2020. It should be taken into account that a large part of this amount comes not only from the aforementioned Recovery Mechanism but also from other European funds linked to the Common Agricultural Policy CAP) such as the EAGF (European Agricultural Guarantee Fund) and FEADER (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development). Besides of European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) that will leave 64 million euros in the Spanish fleet. These funds total a total of 7,336 million euros.

Only for the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund (EAGF) are budgeted for 2021, the first year of the new CAP 2021-2027, 5,783 million euros in direct payments to farmers (CAP), measures for the regulation of markets or for the promotion of agricultural products within the EU and in third countries.

Specifically, for rural development, the department headed by Planas will put on the table next year loans amounting to 1,489 million euros of European funds. The majority, 1,363 million will be channeled through the FEGA (Spanish Agrarian Guarantee Fund), being transferred to the autonomous communities and private companies. While the remaining 126 million euros they will be managed through the General Directorate of Rural Development, Innovation and Agrifood Training.

On the other hand, for the reorientation of the agri-food industry towards the environmental conditions of the CAP and the new demands of the public Agriculture will put on the table 123 million euros in loans. Of this endowment, 46 million will be dedicated to the quality of the productions, 46 million to the health of agricultural products and another 31 million to the agri-food industry. It is noteworthy that the Program of Specific Options for the Remoteness and Insularity of Canary Islands (POSEICAN) will have a budget of 15 million euros next year.

Inside of the European Union Resilience and Recovery Mechanism (MRR) 118 million euros will go to the agri-food sector.

Also has an important endowment the development policy of irrigated within the Agriculture Budget for 2021, with 61 million euros, of which 57 million will go to investments. To which should be added the 260 million euros that the European MRR will distribute through the Sociedad Estatal de Infraestructuras Agrarias (SEIASA).

In the agrarian chapter also fits add an item of 265 million euros, of which 251 million will be used to finance the Agrarian Insurance Plan, to perfect this figure and advance in its development.

Fisheries policy

In the fisheries chapter, whose policies range from the protection of fishing resources and the sustainable development of this activity to the management of the Spanish fishing fleet, promoting its economic development in the fishing and aquaculture sector, promoting, among many other policies, associationism. . As manager of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF), Spain will have a budget allocation for this and other 64 million euros during 2021, to which we must add 18 million of the European Union Recovery and Resilience Mechanism.

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