Europe: "Winters in Scotland are so boring that heavy metal is a way out" - La Provincia

Europe: "Winters in Scotland are so boring that heavy metal is a way out" - La Provincia

The Swedish band Europe He embarks on this come in the Canary Islands a new international tour with a sound more influenced by the hard rock than most of his followers remember, but without any problem with continuing to play his hits of the eighties, because they are still "having fun". "It's true that the music we made in the eighties sounds different from what we play now, what we do at this moment is more like the hardrock of the seventies, our first influences," says the drummer. Håkan Jan "Ian" Haugland at the press conference to present the two concerts that will be offered in Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

However, the group retains a good relationship with the mega-hits that made them famous around the world three decades ago, such as the ballad Carrie (1987) and, above all, The final countdown (1986), from whose album 15 million copies were sold.

"They often ask us if we do not get tired of playing it so many times," the keyboardist confesses. Gunnar Mathias Michaeli, "Mic", to immediately emphasize that they still like to touch it, because that countdown was decisive to "break in the whole world."

Michaeli says that playing The final countdown live is still special for Europe, because the group is aware that it is no longer "their song", but "belongs to the public". "People give us a lot of energy and enthusiasm when we play it, so it's still fun," he sums up. His colleague drummer Ian Haugland agrees: "We do not get tired of playing those songs, we just have to see the reaction of the audience when we play songs that we wrote more than 30 years ago".

The group has evolved towards a more seventies sound, but has not stopped cultivating another of its references: ballads. This type of issues, recognizes Hugland, are one of the keys to the success of Europe, they give access to a wider audience. "If only we played the hardest songs, they only sold guys to the concerts and we want girls to come too".

The connection with the female audience gives rise to another issue, to ask how the group took the phenomenon fan of the eighties and the cover of reiterated form of magazines of great diffusion among adolescents, as was the case in Spain of "Superpop" . Hugland jokes with what was then allowed and with what today can only do with the help of certain pills, and then warn that he is a "great liar." But his partner John Leven, the bassist of the group, confesses: "It was horrible".

Leven avoids going into details about it, although a few minutes earlier he had already warned that the group has such a collection of anecdotes, that several times he has thought about writing a book. More seriously, the group reflects on the strength that these times have the Nordic countries in the international scene of "heavy metal" and its different variants and subgenres. Ian Haugland, one of the two Norwegians of the group, acknowledges that they are glad that this is so, but the serious tone ends as soon as he goes on to explain the reasons he sees behind Scandinavian "heavy".
"I think one of the reasons why young Scandinavians are so active in music is because our winters are fucking dark and boring, so you need to do something if you do not want to kill yourself. with something like that ", adventure as an explanation.

Europe plays tonight at the Gran Canaria Arena, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and this Saturday at the Peñón stadium, in Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife), within the cycle Legends live Canarias.


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