March 7, 2021

Europe, USA and China: the three models of AI | Trends

United States, China and Europe. Ramón López de Mántaras, director of the Research Institute in Artificial Intelligence of the CSIC, distinguishes three models of AI development: the one that only looks for economic revenue, the one that seeks the control of the citizens and the one that has the human being in the center and cares about ethics and privacy. We review the present and future of each one.

Europe: the price of consciousness

Europe can play an important role in establishing standards that will help the sector move forward in a sustainable way and in response to the interests of humanity, says the sector

China: the dragon seeks control

The development of artificial intelligence in China is a matter of state. Beijing has included the sector in its ambitious plan Made in China 2025, with which it wants to match its economic power with the technological one

USA: benefit rules

The development model that the United States represents for intelligence is characterized by opacity, the absence of ethical considerations and the search for business interests

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