March 1, 2021

Europe stops a sanction to Spain when the annual hunting of thousands of songbirds is paralyzed

The European Commission has paralyzed, so far, andl file against Spain for the annual hunting of thousands of songbirds. Brussels considers that this practice called silvestrism has been halted by which seven species of birds were arrested, based on administrative exceptions, despite the fact that the law establishes strict protection.

This was verbally communicated by the Director General of the Environment, Daniel Calleja, to the acting Secretary of State for the Environment, Hugo Morán, after finding that no authorizations had been given in 2018 and 2019, according to sources from the Ministry of Ecological Transition. Brussels had requested a report from the Government after opening the file and, after studying the document, puts a possible fine in the fridge. The surveillance phase is still ongoing in case there are new permits.

That is precisely what Andalusia is going to ask for. The suspension of the sanctioning process has come just when the Andalusian Parliament has approved a motion to urge the Ministry of Ecological Transition to make an "active defense" of this hunting modality. The proposal started from the Popular Party and had the support of all groups except Adelante Andalucía. Andalusia is one of the autonomous communities with more fondness for silvestrism.

The proposal asks the Government to advocate for this practice before the European Union. He considers that the end of the captures has left "40,000 Spaniards" illegal, that is, fans of hunting goldfinches, pardillos, verdecillos, finches, verderones, canaries and luganos to feed their choirs which they then use in contests. Silvestrists ensure captive breeding does not work to get birds that sing according to their needs.

The authorizations and quotas of copies are in charge of the Autonomous Government that included them in their annual closed orders. Given the extension and amount of permits that the autonomous communities were signing each season covered by the exceptions provided by the protection rule, the European Commission initiated the infringement procedure against Spain. From that moment, the authorizations began to stop with the consequent reaction against the hunting sector.

Silvestrism seeks wild birds for their trills. Although the Birds directive prohibits the hunting of wild specimens, each year, the autonomous communities authorized the capture of tens of thousands: between 2013 and 2015 the quotas added 900,000 copies which caused Europe to initiate the sanction process.

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