June 24, 2021

Europe shields itself against the epidemic

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) yesterday warned the authorities of the continent about the need for reinforcement before the spread of the coronavirus outbreak and recalled that only if the necessary measures are applied will the risk of contagion be “low” in Europe. According to the agency, the global impact of the disease is high, although the likelihood of being contracted by EU citizens who are currently in China is moderate, and the probability that a case detected in European territory will generate new infections is low. If the appropriate prevention and control measures are met, “especially in EU countries”, the probability that a case revealed in their territory will result in secondary infections is “low”, they insist. On the other hand, the late detection of an imported case or the non-application of the relevant control measures would make the transmission risk in the community environment “very high”. The ECDC has updated, through a statement, the assessment of the impact of the coronavirus, with the confirmation of three cases in France, one in Bordeaux and two in Paris. The French Minister of Health, Agnès Buzyn, confessed that “it is likely that there are others already in Europe,” and described the epidemic as “a fire to be extinguished.” In the last weekend, 1,129 new cases of contagion and 30 deaths have been recorded, bringing the total number of fatalities to 56. “The EU health authorities must remain alert and strengthen their instruments to deal with possible contagions,” said Josep Jansa, ECDC expert. For this reason, Stella Kyriakides, EU Health Commissioner, has convened for today a meeting of the EU Health Security Committee in which they will discuss the needs and response measures in the event of the outbreak. “We are following the current situation very closely and have called a committee meeting to discuss the response options and preparedness needs of the Member States,” Kyriakides explained in his Twitter account. The committee is formed by an informal advisory group with the mission of strengthening the coordination of EU states in the face of medical emergencies. “I am in close contact with the Member States, WHO and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, which is updating its risk assessment. We are ready to act and intensify our response if necessary, ”the commissioner concluded.

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