Europe recommends a booster dose against COVID for all adults

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has warned today of a “very high risk” for COVID if public health measures are not applied immediately and the vaccination rate increases.

The COVID-19 vaccine reduces the risk of dying by 25 times in the elderly

The COVID-19 vaccine reduces the risk of dying by 25 times in the elderly

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“Countries should consider a booster dose for all adults over the age of eighteen, with priority for people over forty,” the ECDC said in a note released to the media.

The Stockholm-based entity has highlighted that at the moment less than 60% of the general population of the European Union (EU) has received the complete guideline, which leaves “a great space” for the virus to spread.

Europe is at the moment the epicenter of the pandemic and the cases of the entire continent already exceed those registered in the peak of October last year. In other words, it is experiencing the worst spike in infections since the beginning of the health crisis.

WHO anticipated earlier this month a “harsh winter” driven, according to the agency, by the relaxation of measures, more interaction indoors due to the arrival of the cold and insufficient vaccination coverage in many countries. Yesterday, the organization again warned that if urgent measures are not taken, the continent could suffer 700,000 more deaths between now and spring due to COVID.

To try to stop this new wave and boost vaccination, most countries have focused their restrictions on those who have not yet had the injection against COVID. Where infections have increased the most compared to the previous week has been in Germany, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, as well as in Spain and Portugal, which still maintain much lower incidence rates than the rest thanks to greater vaccination coverage.

Austria is one of the countries hardest hit by the pandemic in this new upswing and has also been the first to establish a new general confinement and decree mandatory vaccination for the entire population. Germany, which is also facing its worst moment in terms of infections, with the weekly incidence above 400 cases, has launched the mandatory use of the COVID certificate for public transport and for work.


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