Europe offers a direct roll-out in Gran Canaria Arena – La Provincia

Europe offers a direct roll-out in Gran Canaria Arena - La Provincia

The nostalgic ones of classic heavy metal could revive the glorious era of the genre with the concert that Europe offered this Friday at the Gran Canaria Arena. The Swedish band gave a hard rock concert with all the essence of the seventies classics presenting their latest album of 2017.

The group, which acts within the cycle Legends Live Canarias He started his international tour with this live show in front of 3,000 spectators, he played his immortal Carrie in Ecuador. Joey Tempest greeted with a "hello canariones" and made several comments in Spanish and the group, enter their own subjects, had time to interpret the No Woman No Cry. A good live, although they did not achieve the desired clarity.

Before it came out Hackers presenting Start from scratch, with aroma of genuine AOR.

Three of Europe's five members attended the press conference held tomorrow. Specifically, bassist John Leven, drummer Ian Haugland and keyboardist Mic Michaeli, along with Hackers guitarist Fran Alonso. The absence of the singer, Joey Tempest, was due to the problems with the flights of the airlines of Norway Air. Ian Haugland answered almost all the questions and, about the presence of heavy metal bands in the Nordic countries, he assured that "One of the reasons why young Scandinavians are so active in music is because of our winters they are fucking dark and boring, so you need to do something if you do not want to kill yourself, you have to entertain yourself with sports or music", he clarified.

The drummer said that there are so many sub-styles because "there are long distances between towns and others and communications are sometimes difficult", and he acknowledged that the music they made in the eighties sounds different from what they play now. "What we do at this moment is more like the hardrock of the seventies, our early influences," but added that the ballads give access to a wider audience. "If we only played the toughest songs, they only sold guys and we want girls to come too". Hugland joked about the success of the group among the female audience and declared that now they try to cover that aspect "with the help of certain pills". John Leven, however, confessed that all that "was horrible" and that the group has such a collection of anecdotes that several times have thought of writing a book.

The keyboardist Mic Michaeli acknowledged that the group retains a good relationship with mega-hits that made them famous around the world three decades ago as the ballad Carrie, from 1987, and The final countdown, published in 1986, from which album 15 million were sold of copies. "They often ask us if we do not get tired of playing it so many times," he clarified, "but it's not like that because that 'countdown' was decisive to break in the world" and added that the members of the group are aware that it is no longer "his song", but "belongs to the public" and "people give us a lot of energy and enthusiasm when we play it, so it's still fun".

The group performs this Saturday at the Peñón stadium, in Puerto de la Cruz, on Tenerife.


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