June 21, 2021

“Europe must set up a war economy”

The Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, believes that “Europe must set up a war economy and promote resistance, reconstruction and European recovery.”

In an article published this Saturday by the newspaper El País on the situation of the European Union as a consequence of the coronavirus crisis, the Chief Executive maintains that “if we continue to think small, we will fail”

“Europe is suffering its greatest crisis since World War II. Our citizens are dying or struggling in hospitals saturated by a pandemic that represents the greatest public health threat since the 1918 flu,” recalls the leader of the PSOE.

He adds, in the article entitled “Europe is at stake,” that “Circumstances are exceptional and require forceful positions: either we are up to the occasion or we will fail as a Union. It is a critical moment in which even countries and More European governments, as in the case of Spain, we need evidence of real commitment. We need strong solidarity. “

For Sánchez, “solidarity between Europeans is a key principle of the Union treaties. And it is demonstrated in times like this. Without solidarity there will be no cohesion, without cohesion there will be disaffection and then the credibility of the European project will be seriously damaged.”

“In recent weeks, important decisions we have made have been taken, such as the European Central Bank’s new temporary emergency purchase program and, this week, the Commission’s Sure plan, for those affected by unemployment. But it is not enough. You have to go further, “he adds.

The Prime Minister calls for a large amount of resources to be mobilized once the health emergency is overcome through a “new Marshall Plan” that must “have the support of all common institutions.”

“Europe was born from the ashes of destruction and conflict. It learned the lessons of history and understood something very simple: if we do not all win, in the end we will all lose,” he recalls.

He explains that “The European Stability Mechanism can be useful in the first phase to inject liquidity into European economies through a line of credit, as long as it is universal and not conditional, but it will not be sufficient in the medium term.”

“It is time to act in solidarity: creating a new debt mutualization mechanism, acting as a block in the acquisition of essential health products, establishing coordinated cybersecurity strategies and preparing a major crash plan for the recovery of the continent be fast and solid, “says Pedro Sánchez.


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