July 3, 2020

Euroleague The CSKA ends the historic streak of Madrid

The historic winning streak of Real Madrid in the Euroleague ended in Moscow. The CSKA defense resulted in the worst day in the Laso team’s shot in a long time. And the winning streak stayed in 13. History has been repeated. In January 2014, Madrid also traveled to Russia after the same number of victories and also lost. As the Euroleague does not stop, Madrid’s tour of Moscow and its surroundings will continue on Thursday with a visit to Khimki, which fell clearly against Valencia.

The CSKA is far from being the team that was proclaimed champion last May in Vitoria. Chacho and Colo are not there, so … He has much less talent than then, but Dimitris Itoudis defensively has permeated much of his suffocating intensity in the band. And that asphyxiation was the one that deactivated Madrid after a good first quarter that closed by sending 7 points (14-21). The other three were a constant hardship for whites. In 30 minutes they were only able to score 34 points, an impossible figure to fight with anyone in Europe. The numbers do not deceive: 10/29 in shots of two (34.5), 9/32 in shots of three (28.1) and only 11 assists, half of the usual number.

And if the appearances in attack of Mike James are added to the work back, the CSKA is a very dangerous team. In a Euroleague in which the short ones rule (Larkin, James, Campazzo …), the American base is a dynamiter of first-order parties. He was covered in the first two quarters, but appeared when the rest of the players on the court found it impossible to find the basket. He scored 8 points in the third quarter that served for the CSKA to pass from dominated to dominating. He finished with 19 points and in a game with ridiculous scoring figures was decisive. Campazzo and Taylor were not enough to stop him.

In Real Madrid, Llull returned, after 51 days off, Reyes and Deck. Only Thompkins at the start had clear ideas and the essential aim. Tavares sent inside with 9 rebounds and 4 blocks, but it was insufficient. The rest accumulated a recital of bad decisions in attack that ended the first defeat of Madrid in the last 14 games. Thursday more.

60. CSKA Moscow (14 + 12 + 17 + 17): James (19), Hilliard (14), Kurbanov (4), Hines (10) and Voigtmann (3) – titular quintet – Ukhov (0), Antonov (0), Bolomboy (2), Vorontsevich (0), Sant- Roos (4), Koufos (4) and Baker (0).

55. Real Madrid (21 + 12 + 10 + 12): Campazzo (11), Causeur (3), Deck (4), Thompkins (14) and Tavares (2) – titular quintet – Taylor (3), Llull (0), Mickey (5), Laprovittola (8), Reyes (3) and Carroll (2).

Referees: Christodoulou (Gre), Paternico (Ita) and Bissang (Fra). Without eliminated. Koufos technique.

Incidents: 8,517 spectators at the Megasport in Moscow. Match corresponding to the nineteenth day of the Euroleague.

19th day: CSKA Moscow, Real Madrid 60, 55; Khimki, 75-Valencia, 84; Anadolu Efes-Armani Milan; Fenerbahçe-Villeurbanne; Olympiacos-ALBA Berlin; Maccabi Tel Aviv-Barcelona; Zenit-KIROLBET Baskonia (18:00); Red Star-Zalgiris Kaunas (19:00) and Panathinaikos-Bayern (20:00). (All in DAZN).

Classification (wins / losses): 1. Anadolu Efes (15/3); 2. Real Madrid (15/4); 3. Barcelona (13/5); 4. CSKA Moscow (13/6); 5. Maccabi Tel Aviv (12.06); 6. Armani Milan (10/8); 7. Panathinaikos (10/8); 8. Red Star (9/9); 9. Valencia (9/10); 10. Khimki (8/11); 11. ASVEL Villeurbanne (10.08); 12. Fenerbahçe Beko (7/11); 13. Olympiacos (7/11); 14. KIROBET Baskonia (7/11); 15. Bayern Munich (6/12); 16. Zalgiris Kaunas (5/13); 17. ALBA Berlin (5/13); 18. Zenit (5/13).


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