Euroleague: Real Madrid melts Panathinaikos | sports

Euroleague: Real Madrid melts Panathinaikos | sports

Real Madrid melted Panathinaikos in a cyclothymic match and scored their 11th victory in 13 games of the Euroleague. With a partial of 16-2 in the first five minutes and another of 26-10 in the last nine, Laso's team gave an inconstant rival held in stretches by the bursts of Langford and Calathes (20 and 17 points respectively). But the Real Madrid wheel added more cash (with seven players in double digits of valuation) and the overwhelming dominance of Ayón, Tavares and Thompkins in the paint sentenced the contest. The Whites lost the second and third quarters, but hit hard in the first and last. The rebound statistics (44-24) and assists (22-8) were just as strong as the final score (89-68).

Madrid was measured against an emblematic opponent in his recent career, which marked the turning point towards the conquest of the Tenth in Belgrade. The defeat by default of the whites in the first match of the quarter-final of last season against Panathinaikos in OAKA (95-67), on April 17, was the definitive spur to glory. "Thanks to that match we won the Euroleague," acknowledged Rudy a few days ago. "We took the grip of the difficult moments and with the impulse to overcome that tie we won the title," said the international forward. Since that tunda in Athens and until the first defeat of this course against Andorra in the Endesa League at the beginning of November, Laso's only fell once before the Baskonia in the league final and won three titles. Without the same strategic value, another victory against the Greeks reinforced the Madrid candidacy in the current Euroleague to follow in the wake of Ferarbahçe of Obradovic, which is measured next week in Istanbul.

Laso's players arrived with the desire to correct the gruesome league game against Breogán last Sunday and entered the match with the intensity of the big days. With Deck and Ayón reinforcing the purpose of amendment (occupying the positions of Taylor and Tavares in the usual starting quintet) and an outstanding defensive voracity, the champion showed the fangs with a partial of 16-2 in just over five minutes. Although Pascual called his chapter to review the plan in the middle of the rain, Causeur skipped all the radars of the green defense (with eight points in that stretch) and Ayón campaigned at ease in the painting (with five rebounds and four more points) to overwhelm the Panathinaikos with a forceful staging. Just Lojeski put blood to a hypotensive set, with four players in negative at the end of the first 10 minutes (23-10, 10 m).

At the end of that first quarter, the rebound accounting, the statistics of hunger, reflected an eloquent 15-6 that grew with the passage of minutes and with the appearance of Tavares and Thompkins. By then, the Panathinaikos walked grogui by the Palace and scored less than one point per minute, a circumstance that took the Madrid to take the run and uncork the score (32-12, 13 m). All the pivots of the Greek team lost the ball to Tavares and the 0 of 6 in triples was a burden for the greens, who could not find solutions for rearmament neither inside nor outside.

However, Pappas and Langford broke the drought from 6.75 with three successes almost consecutive, the atmosphere was bristling with several arbitration decisions that altered the Real Madrid parish and a double technique to Papagiannis and Ayón, and, in a jiffy, the local income was reduced to almost half (40-29, 19). With more canchero spirit that game, the Greeks armed a partial of 5-13 in the six minutes before the break with 10 Langford points (12 in total in the eight minutes that played the second quarter). The outburst of the US escort prevented the anticipated outcome of the contest and transformed the demoralizing to encompassable difference for the greens (43-31, 20). But Madrid knew the way and resumed it with the fleeting incorporation to the cause of Llull and Randoph.

With two shots from the base and the pivot, and another six-point burst from Causeur, the Whites refilled the piggy bank (57-39, m.24), while Deck was in charge of putting the shackles on Langford. But the Madrid plan languished again. The influence of Calathes grew before a fatigued Llull, Papagiannis gained points in the painting and Langford resumed the task. The Panathinaikos, who had never appeared or left completely, was there (59-53, m.29). The greens returned to aim the quarter (20-24), however, before the despair of Pascual, two forced baskets of Llull and Campazzo relieved the Real Madrid accounting in the middle of the Greek onslaught (63-55, 30).

The goal line started with the first points of Carroll, with a triple and an unsportsmanlike one of Calathes and with Campazzo and Ayón consolidating the best connection of Madrid in the match. The Argentine base changed the march to the game and the Mexican center continued to polish his service record while Calathes threw his team behind his back. The Greek rudder, who at the break had 6 points and one assist, multiplied by three its benefits, but the good minutes of the couple Thompkins-Tavares and the sum of Rudy sealed the final break of Madrid towards the win. The shake of the whites reached a partial 23-3 between the minute 31 and 38, from 63-58 to 86-61. Enough demonstration of strength to grab the 11th victory in 13 Euroleague, four more than the previous year at this point.

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