August 5, 2021

Euroleague Real Madrid basketball: The 'Lasismo' that never stops | sports

Euroleague Real Madrid basketball: The 'Lasismo' that never stops | sports

The lightning that never stops. The eighth project of Pablo Laso in Real Madrid basketball shows no signs of wear. Since his arrival in 2011 to date, they left the club Mirotic, Sergio Rodriguez, Nocioni and Doncic among other important pieces and never stopped the machine. They followed Mourinho, Ancelotti, Benítez and Zidane in the football bench, where Lopetegui is already questioned, and he did not stop collecting trophies: 16 sum already. Win to tell A prodigy of regularity, a mixture of competitive commitment and identity loyalty, which has five presences in the Final Four, four finals and two titles of the Euroleague in seven seasons and wants more. The coach from Vitoria started the road that will conclude in eight months his house of Buesa Arena picking up the 'Alexander Gómelski' award for the best coach of last season and, immediately afterwards, his team began to score territory in the Euroleague with a categorical victory against the Turkish Darussafaka (109-93). The fourth highest score in continental territory in this era after 111 to Bayern in 2014 and 112 to Nizhny and 115 to Sassari in 2015.

Without solution of continuity it was passed of the jukebox of the mocitas madrileñas to the festive choir of a hobby given to a self-sacrificing style fantasist in equal parts. The staging of the champion consisted of a partial 17-6 in just five minutes, with seven points from Randolph and five from Taylor, which were then added seven more from Llull for the 25-13 minute nine. With no time for the Darussafaka to break a sweat, Campazzo and Felipe Reyes continued to roll the ball to break the score even further (46-31, 16). The Facu and the captain, with another seven points per beard, ended in a jiffy the competitive dilemma and endorsed that on the track two speeds coexisted, two worlds, two fighters of different weighing.

The rejuvenated Darussafaka returned to the competition with the Eurocup championship cockade of the last course, in his first participation won by the two invitations received through the sponsorship of the Dogus empire, which served him to be placed on the continental map. But the current team has little to do with the one built in the day by the druid David Blatt, who came to reunite Wanamaker, Clyburn, Wilbekin, Moerman and Zizic in a cast that has progressed with note ever since. Now the figures of the Turkish team go through being the former Unicaja Ray McCallum and the ex nba Markel Brown and Jeremy Evans. Between the three they barely added eight points to the rest. Mirror of a group overwhelmed by Madrid's voracity in defense and attack. They scored the 12 players who stepped on the track (six above 12 points). Only Llull exceeded 20 minutes (21m 55s). The Whites scored 15 triples and distributed 26 assists (8 of Llull).

There was no truce of the premises. The break came with a monumental three-pointer by Rudy and, on the break, the Whites built another hard-fought 18-9 in three minutes (71-47, 23) with nine points from a very applied Randolph. to approach its glossy version to leave the tunnel of the last course. The maximum went to +24 (80-56, m.26). And Randolph relieved him Tavares, with a sequence of eight points and four rebounds, and, after drying McCallum (who left at 18 from the absolute inconsequence), Caseur joined the scoring wheel to raise up to 38 points the scoring output of Madrid in the third quarter, crowned with another triple from the Llull video library (91-69, 30). The Madrid of Laso is the Madrid of always. The 'Lasismo' that does not stop easily surpassed the border of the 100 and entered the goal converting his rival in a wink and adjusting the shirt. The fans sang in chorus the name of the architect of the work: Pablo, Pablo, Laso!

The Madrid coach summed up the essence of his stage in the assessment of the game. "What I am most proud of is the day to day, the way, the trajectory of my team in the time I have been a coach, we are a recognized and recognizable team, here and abroad. people, in how the Palace vibrates with us, in which my players transmit, that is worth more than any prize, the one of the best technician in Europe is worth to put it in the window of my house and when I get angry with my children I can tell them ' I know I'm the best coach 'and little else (laughs) .Fans see their team always compete, nobody ever wins in sports, but I'm proud of that way of competing. " Word of Laso.

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