Euroleague Real Madrid Basketball: Randolph and Campazzo wear Armani | sports

Euroleague Real Madrid Basketball: Randolph and Campazzo wear Armani | sports

The Real Madrid took its competitive strength to Milan and there rescued his second victory in the Euroleague of the claws of an Armani who was fierce but ended up succumbing to the power of the champion, undefeated so far this year. With the exhibitions of Anthony Randolph (25 points, 11 rebounds and 33 of evaluation) and Facundo Campazzo (21 points, 7 assists and 32 credits), Laso's team straightened out the night at the Mediolanum Forum. The Madrid side, who in the first half conceded 50 points and came to see 15 below, reacted with solvency, character and defense (35 points received in the second half) to score a prestigious victory against a tough and rearmed rival.

Last two years ago (with 8 wins and 22 defeats) and penultimate last year (with a balance of 10-20), the Armani renewed his wardrobe this summer with pieces of category like Mike James, Nedovic and Brooks, to recover the terrain and the lost prestige. But the Italian arsenal is still far from what has gathered a powerful Madrid in which in addition to Randolph and Campazzo shined Rudy and Tavares.

The initial load of the Armani was forceful, efficient and persistent. Madrid was defended with the first flashes of a Randolph excelso and the influential presence of Tavares. But the second personal foul of the Cape Verdean center, on the border of minute five, opened a vein for the Italian side. Brooks made up for the rebounding statistic, Mike James brought out his hyperactivity and Micov made a box with 11 points in the first quarter. The tuning of the Pianigiani made Madrid a night of persecution (28-13, m.10).

The challenge was assumed by Laso, who, led by Randolph, built an amendment purpose loaded with points but lacking solidity. First came a partial 2-10 in just two minutes to contain the Armani (30-23, 12 m). Next, a Randolph class exhibition to rearm the champion. The American power forward failed two consecutive free throws, but was launched as a lion to the rebound and scored the basket that made his point 16 in the game (13 in the first five minutes of the second act). However, such production, together with the episodic protagonism of Felipe and Campazzo, did not serve to forge the mixture. The trio Gudaitis, Bertans and Tarczewski again stretched the rope just before the break (48-35, 18). "You have to play better and harder," Randolph summarized on the way to dressing rooms with a dry verb and an immutable gesture.

Tavares, unprecedented from the first minutes, aimed to resume the task and, again under his influence, Madrid completed this time the comeback. A two plus one juggling Rudy, two more Randolph points and a triple strategic value, also Rudy overwhelmed the Armani. And the Campazzo-Tavares connection left the Italians groggy. The fifth assist from Facu allowed the Real Madrid giant to reach 10 points, complete a 7-18 run and turn the score (57-59, 27).

Without news of Kuzminskas and with Nedovic denied from the 6.75, James and Micov held the flag of the Armani in full Madrid rain. The third quarter closed with a score of 14-26, almost antonym to the first, and Madrid came with the wind in favor on the home straight (64-67, 30). Campazzo culminated his work with two video library triples that ended up unstitching the Armani.

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