Euroleague Real Madrid basketball: Llull 'superstar' | sports

Euroleague Real Madrid basketball: Llull 'superstar' | sports

Since the return of Sergio Llull after his knee injury, on April 25, Real Madrid has lost only one game and has won three titles (Euroleague, League and Super Cup). With another display of his emblem (23 points and 24 points), Laso's team beat an indelibly competitive Baskonia, however, ended up losing composure in the final stretch of a brave duel (97-79). After the defeat of Olympiacos against Armani Milan, only Fenerbahçe and CSKA hold the rhythm of the champion.

Pedro Martinez got ready for the match with Huertas and Granger to discuss the rhythm of the game with Llull and with the 2.10m of Diop to contain the influence of the 2.21m of Tavares. However, the Cape Verdean overwhelmed his dance partner with three rebounds and a stopper in four minutes and the Menorcan gave him no margin to throw the tie and added eight points (with two triples) and two assists in an electrifying start (15 -10, m.5). With the reinforcement of Poirier, Shengelia tried to minimize the damage, but Randolph and Campazzo, excellent in Milan, extended their state of grace to grant the command to the champion (28-19, 11).

Laso added pieces to the gear and returned with intensity Ayón -and back from Mexico, where he had to travel urgently due to the traffic accident suffered by his parents, already stable. With the contribution of Ayón and two triples of Rudy, Madrid stretched the rope a little more until, with the rise of revolutions of the Baskonia and the pito concert of the collegiate, thickened the game. In a flash, went from 34-24 from minute 13 to 44-41 from 17. With the mix of less pace and more shock the baskonistas grew, driven by the episodic protagonism of Garino (10 points, four rebounds and two steals in the second quarter). But, again embraced Llull and Tavares, Madrid was unleashed before the break (52-44, 20 m).

Janning tuned in the resumption, in which the Baskonia was presented with a partial 2-7. And the visitor rearmament had continuity with the agitation of Vildoza (63-61, m.26). The Madrid was unveiled and, after a loss of Causeur to Marcelinho, the Pedro Martinez completed the hunt (65-65, m.27). He did not have time for complacency Baskonia when he was surprised by the madridista outburst.

Two triples from the Llull factory, with a two plus one from Causeur in the middle, shot the champion again before entering the finish line (74-65, m.29). Six months after returning to the competition after his serious knee injury, Llull continued to endorse the status of the most determined player in the Euroleague, interrupted only by surgery and convalescence. Following the trail marked by the Madridista totem, Laso's men continued to practice scoring until they surrendered to Baskonia (78-67, m.31 and 84-72 after Rudy's third triple, m.34). Tavares and Rudy himself finished the task of Llull, took the difference to 20 points and unleashed the party at the Palace again.

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