May 10, 2021

Euroleague Real Madrid basketball: CSKA fishing in Madrid | sports

Euroleague Real Madrid basketball: CSKA fishing in Madrid | sports

Real Madrid, that since losing the first game of the quarter-final of the last Euroleague against Panathinaikos (April 17) until it fell to Andorra on the seventh day of this League (on November 4) only had conceded a defeat in seven months, gave CSKA their third consecutive defeat in eight days, the fourth so far this season. As was the case with Olympiacos and Barcelona, ​​Laso's players lived a great part of the duel against the current and, despite their episodic bugle calls, could not match the intensity and consistency of their rival. A vibrant first half of Campazzo (23 points) and a feverish practice of Rudy (18) in the final stretch were not enough to tackle a rocky and electric CSKA despite the absence of Sergio Rodríguez. Madrid succumbed, without Llull and without the influence of Tavares (1 point and three rebounds). Two triples from Campazzo, with additional shot included, only served to lower the basketaverage (88-93).

It was a duel between the wars but, at the same time, a big poster. The Belgrade semi-final and the historic clash between the two most successful teams of the 62 editions of the European Basketball Cup were reissued at the WiZink Center: Real Madrid (10 crowns) and CSKA (7). A legendary rivalry built in the 60s with the sound of NO-DO, when the reds were the TSKA or the Chesca, which has lasted until our days. In what goes of century the Russian group collects 15 appearances in the last 17 Final Four and three titles (2006, 2008 and 2016), by the six presences Real Madrid in the last eight Finals to Four, with two titles in the Laso era ( 2015 and 2018). Two models of constancy with cadence hammer pylon. As a sample, a fact. Since two seasons ago the new format of the Euroleague was implemented, with the all against all to 30 games, CSKA and Madrid have been the kings of regularity. Both teams have held the leadership of the competition in 66 of the 70 days played to date, 43 times those of Itoudis and 23 whites.

El Chacho was missing, but with the triple engine Clyburn-De Colo-Hackett and the double Hammer Hunter-Peters, CSKA surprised start to a thick and unsettled Madrid (3-17, 5). The collective intensity of the Russian square demanded several turns of the nut to the whites to enter the match. They managed it barely thanks to Randolph's class and the vertigo of Campazzo. With these weapons and a greater defensive application, the champion bashed a partial of 14-3 in just over three minutes. And with a triple shot from Facu -from his field and with rebounds on the board and the ring included- he closed the quarter to a span of the rival (20-24, 10).

Uploaded to the Campazzo bike, Madrid took flight in the resumption. Felipe and Ayón put order in the painting and the CSKA lost first command, then the instruction book and then the oremus. The Madrid rain left the Itoudis shivering with a 12-0 at the beginning of the second quarter (32-24, 15). Pure effervescence. The first basket in game of the red ones, of Hunter, arrived at 3m 40s for the rest, in time to leave the quagmire and to restrain the optimism madridista. Two triples from Peters and another from Clyburn balanced the pulse and opened a new game (35-35, 29).

Around the locker room Deck reinforced the quota of Real Madrid. But CSKA, with Clyburn and Higgins in front (24 points), re-hooked in style to the clash (57-67, m.29). Orphan of Tavares and with the balanced rebound, the perimeter began to make a difference and there languished Madrid (3 of 12 against 11 of 19 of the Russians at that point, 15 of 26 at the end). Carroll looked for the exit of the tunnel and approached to his six to the straight line of goal, but the third triple of Higgins definitively put the night for the Itoudis (66-77, m.33). Considering the statistics of the two previous courses, the 16 victories practically guarantee the place in the top-8 and, despite the defeat, the first third of the competition has been completed, Madrid already has half of the loot. Piggy bank to face the necessary rearmament after three defeats.

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