July 25, 2021

Euroleague Real Madrid Basketball: Carroll's Doll Sentences in the Hand of Elijah | sports

Euroleague Real Madrid Basketball: Carroll's Doll Sentences in the Hand of Elijah | sports

Real Madrid achieved its 14th win in Tel Aviv in the 15 official matches played this season, the sixth without failure in as many days of Euroleague. Succeed a weak Maccabi before another rotund version of the champion, led by Jaycee Carroll, with 14 consecutive points in the second quarter that sentenced the duel. Randolph, Tavares, Llull and, above all, Ayón (12 points and 12 rebounds for a valuation of 27) supported the production of the American escort and became an overwhelming whirlwind for the yellows, who only put on makeup the score, from 48-78 to 66-87 final, in the final five minutes. Even so, the +21 was the biggest victory for Madrid in Tel Aviv against its legendary enemy.

The commitment of Laso Madrid to competitiveness is so faithful that a defeat without consequences in the seventh of the Endesa League against Andorra (105-107) generated a purpose of amendment so categorical that it took ahead Neca Spahija Maccabi in just 10 minutes, those that passed between 9 and 19, with a partial of 6-29 in that stretch. The dissolute Real Madrid defense in the domestic party concreted in the continental scenario and fit 41 points less before a flat start team and complex with the passage of minutes.

Maccabi presented with four losses in his record and injury problems in key pieces of his squad. As before the Barça in the previous day, missing Tarik Black and Jeremy Pargo, whose recovery of the back will last at least until December. Wilbekin returned to play depleted and lowered his benefits to 5 points. To make up for Pargo's absence, Ramon Sessions arrived four days ago, a base battered with 11 seasons of experience in the NBA, where he shot nine different teams. Resorting to the effervescence of temporary and to the power of O'Bryant, the Maccabi proposed a thrilling exchange of blows in which he dismounted clamoringly in a heartbeat. Madrid gritted his teeth and the yellows lowered their arms without questioning.

With a partial 0-6 at the end of the first quarter and another 6-23 at the beginning of the second, Madrid decisively discarded the game in Tel Aviv after 14 consecutive points of Carroll (21-41, 19). The Maccabi stayed groggy before the display of shot of the escort of Wyoming (4 of 5 in triples) and shrunk in front of the domain rebounder of Ayón (9 rebounds in the first half). In the silence of the Hand of Elías resounded the echo of El Hierro in each throwing of the yellows, resoundingly obfuscated before the Real Madrid ring: 9 of 21 in shots of two and 1 of 14 in triples to the rest. The valuation in that section (11-57) undressed more harshly the shower of the set of Laso.

The champion did not stop there, this time with Llull as battering ram -14 points, with 4 of 5 in triples in the third quarter-, he delved into the wound of the yellows. With the fifth triple of the Minorcan and a basket of Felipe, the difference approached the frontier of 30 before entering the finish line (39-66, m.29).

He asked for an impotent Maccabi truce but the Real Madrid roller did not stop adding pieces to the gear. All but the tedious Taylor and Prepelic added in positive; five players surpassed the 14 valuation; and the rebound accounting, the statistics of hunger, portrayed the distance between the contenders (26-43). The defense and the success outside (15 of 31 in triples, against 6 of 29 of his rival) consolidated the leadership of a firm Madrid.

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