May 14, 2021

Euroleague: Much Real Madrid for Spanoulis | sports

Euroleague: Much Real Madrid for Spanoulis | sports

With the firmness of the important nights, the Real Madrid took ahead to the Olympiacos (94-78) and added its 15th triumph in 18 days of the Euroleague. Those of Laso were a lot of equipment for the Spanoulis troop that, without Milutinov, lost strength in the second half after an apparent beginning. The Real Madrid defense left the Greek side in 32 points in the last 20 minutes while Campazzo (13 points and five assists), Ayón (13 points, seven rebounds and four assists) and Randolph (16 points, eight rebounds and three steals) crowned another competitive exercise of solvency of the champion, also very close in attack.

Laso was equipped with one of his most solid quintets (Llull, Taylor, Deck, Randolph and Ayón), but the intensity did not immediately set and Olympiacos took the run. The Greek team showed up at the WiZink with a thrilling 6 of 6 shots in the field that demanded more laps from Madrid in defense. The Whites were defended with the reliability of Ayón in both baskets and with some episodic outburst of Deck and Taylor until the departure of Felipe Reyes. Four consecutive key points of the captain and a triple of Campazzo allowed the champion to sign the first set (28-23) despite the accurate sequence of Spanoulis: 7 points and four assists in his first six minutes on the track.

For the second consecutive game was missing in the Greek ranks one of the struts of Blatt, the Serbian center Nikola Milutinov, who last week scored the MVP of the 16th round after achieving 18 points, 18 rebounds and 41 valuation in the derby against the Panathinaikos. But Spanoulis has plenty of chevrons to compensate for any absence. With the determination of all life, the totem of Piraeus continued his career against statistics, which closely follows the records of Juan Carlos Navarro as top scorer and most valued player in the Euroleague. However, like his team, he disappeared in the second part. "We defended well at the head of the snake", explained Campazzo after the duel.

Precisely the intrepidity of Campazzo interrupted in a big way the clinical of Spanoulis. First with two assists, for a mate from Tavares and a triple from Causeur. After, with four consecutive points. Undetectable for the Olympiacos radar, the Facu marked his team the path to follow until the second foul led to the bench. By then, the Thompkins-Tavares couple was already wreaking havoc. Five points from Thompkins himself and a triple by Taylor from the corner stretched the Real Madrid up to +13 (54-41, 18). Neither the Williams-Goss production (seven points in the second quarter) nor Leday's rebounds reduced the Madrid momentum.

In the resumption, Ayón resumed his solid record in the Euroleague (six games over 20 rating, seven with this), but another classic, Printezis, took the luster to the competitive spirit of Olympiacos. His battle canchera led the score from 57-46 to 60-54 in just two minutes. Pure mirage until Campazzo reappeared, who, with another show of bravery and aim, rebuilt the stage (71-58, 28). He tried Blatt to Strelnieks as an antidote to the Facu, but the Madrid repertoire added to an unbeatable rhythm for his rival. The difference at the end of the third quarter was more faithful to what was seen on the track in the record (95-69 in the assessment) than in the score (72-63, m.30). Still enough distance for Madrid to play with the mirror and the calculator. Williams-Goss continued to watch hoop and Bogris tried to get closer to Milutinov's performance, but Spanoulis dried up and the Whites took the lead ahead of their rival, as Randolph did with Blatt after scoring the triple that sentenced the game four minutes from the end .

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