April 15, 2021

Euroleague: Baskonia resolves a bad game against Bayern with a great result | sports

Euroleague: Baskonia resolves a bad game against Bayern with a great result | sports

There are times when a bad game does not allow the five senses to take off from the court. It happens when the two teams compete in errors and the score does not decant for one side or the other. The stupor then gives way to uncertainty, and a step further, the emotion. So it can be said that the Buesa Arena match was not good, but rather pulling bad, but it was exciting, especially in the final moments, when the two teams, in the same tone as in the rest of the minutes , they failed more than the account.

For the Baskonia the coin fell, because it missed less. In addition, a basket Poirier with six tenths, got the Vitorians ended up winning by eight points. In Munich, Bayern won by six, and all the details count in a so equal Euroleague in which the Basques and Bavarians are tied to victories and defeats in the playoff frontier.

Although he almost always sent in the marker, the Baskonia never had it too clear. Failures in the shot and losing too many balls – four more than Bayern at the end – Perasovic's men did not feel comfortable on the court when Nihad Dedovic, that basketball player with a look similar to that of footballer Ibrahimovic, imposed low power the basket Poirier was not fine at the beginning. The first basket arrived, after repeated errors of both teams, when they had already consumed almost three minutes of play. The Bayern obtained it, however, cede the domain to Baskonia. The first quarter ended with a 19-16 poor play.

The German team came out aggressive in the second, but the bellows soon ran out, although an ale-up Williams's impressive put his team ahead. In fits and starts, Perasovic's team rallied to reach the break with a one-point lead after a Voigtmann basket in the limit.

Nothing improved in the second part. The numbers were still very poor. When they had already consumed five minutes of the third quarter, the partial was 6-2 in favor of the Baskonia. It ran from one basket to another without any criteria. The local team did not make sense to the game and Bayern, less.

It seemed that, by decanting, the Baskonia was going to do with the win, and even more when it reached a difference of ten points with only two minutes ahead, but in the game of errors of both teams, Bayern squeezed the light. They were moments of disastrous basketball, which culminated with a loss of the Vitoria team because Marcelinho Huertas ran out the time of service in an action in which he did not find a clear pass.

And when it seemed that equality would be maximum even in the difference of six points in favor of one or the other in the calculation of both parties, a triple shot to the remanguillé, ended with the rebound in the hands of Poirier, who threw almost no time and scored. The Bavarians asked for the review, but the repetition made it clear that they had six tenths of a score left. The Baskonia is still in the fight.

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