April 18, 2021

Eurocast starts in Elder – The Province

Eurocast starts in Elder - The Province

The Elder Museum of Science and Technology welcomes this Monday, from 9.30 am, the XVII International Congress on Theory and Applications of Computer Systems Eurocast, which in this year 2019 is celebrating its first 30 years of life. The opening ceremony will be attended by the rector of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Rafael Robaina, and the researchers Roberto Moreno Díaz, of the ULPGC Y Franz Pichler, of the Johannes Kepler University of Linz (Austria), architects of this meeting, considered one of the most important in Europe.

The theme of these meetings is cutting-edge research in the sciences and technologies of systems and computers, including those that are at the frontier of Communication and Information Technologies with Humanistic and Social Sciences. In this edition, 12 major thematic blocks are presented that sweep a broad thematic spectrum of cutting-edge research in systems science and technology: biomedicine, virtual reality, modeling tourist flows, intelligent transportation systems, among others.

The Congress runs until Thursday, February 21, in morning and afternoon sessions. Three invited plenary conferences are included: the first, by Professor Cull of the University of Oregon, known expert in Biomathematics, of the pioneer school that created the concept. The second, by Professor Stiller, of the Technological Institute of Karlsruhe, one of the first European experts in Intelligent Transport. And the third, by the distinguished Austrian mathematician Professor Buchberger, discoverer of procedures that have allowed the solution of problems in robotics, cryptography, computer design and software verification.

Eurocast meetings are held every two years and bring together European and North American specialists in computing, cybernetics, computer-assisted systems, artificial vision and intelligent systems. The first Congress took place in the ULPGC in 1989, and since 2001 the ULPGC has been the sole venue for the celebration, with the general presidency in charge of the ULPGC Professor Emeritus, Roberto Moreno.

Professors Pichler and Moreno summarize the importance of these scientific meetings: "The key to the success of Eurocast for 30 years has been in the quality of the contributions of its participants, which has to be recognized in the first place. the help of the publications of Springer Verlag in Computer Science, the worldwide distribution of the most important effect of Eurocast: that of bringing together for many years, scientists and engineers of ages, training, interests and European institutions and not They could share their experiences in the design and analysis of systems using the most advanced mathematical methods to make models and efficient algorithms in computers, and this from the socio-economic, biological, medical and science and information and communication engineering, all in a multidisciplinary atmosphere, which has facilitated the appearance and to discussion of new and creative ideas and developments "

Among the more than 150 applications for submission of papers to participate in the Congress, a hundred will be selected that will be exhibited and defended by their authors. Among them, we will proceed to a final selection, after the Conference, which will be published by Springer Verlag and distributed by the scientific world.


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