July 23, 2021

Eurocanarias Oftalmolgica launches intelligent quirfano – La Provincia

Eurocanarias Oftalmolgica launches intelligent quirfano - La Provincia

Eurocanarias Oftalmológica has incorporated the new generation of intelligent operating rooms, making it the first clinic in Europe and among the pioneers in the world to use this technological evolution in its cataract and presbyopia operations, reported from the healthcare company within the framework of the World Vision Day, which is celebrated every year on the second Thursday of October.

The intelligent operating theater for cataract and presbyopia operation uses the Verion image guidance system combined with ORA System with VerifEye Link, the same sources added in a press release before explaining that the union of both technologies allows planning the treatment using a High definition image of the patient's eye.

One of the main advances that this new generation of intelligent operating room provides is that it performs Real-time refractive measures in the operating room, since the system makes a visual map of its surgical plan taking into account the key reference points of the patient's eye, detailed from Eurocanarias to conclude that the anatomical locations will be used as a guide in real time to help compensate eye movements such as cyclotranslation.

The mechanism allows not only intelligent surgical planning, but also efficient execution and reduction of post-surgical complications, that is, "until now the two systems that make up the intelligent operating room were sending messages or letters, as we communicated a few years ago, now the evolution of these intelligent systems allows them to communicate through a chat, that is, to dialogue with each other in real time ", exemplifies Humberto Carreras, co-director of Eurocanarias Oftalmológica.

Greater precision

The application of the new generation, according to Dr. Carreras "adds greater precision during the preoperative, when making the calculations and also at the time of placing the lens in the patient's eye".

On the one hand, "the system will perform the necessary calculations by obtaining measurements directly from the patient's eye, spheres, cylinders and shafts to select the optimal lens to implant in each patient. the surgeon gets the results immediately in the operating room, so you can know if the lens has been placed correctly and can adjust the alignment at the moment, "concludes the co-director of Eurocanarias.

The evolution of the intelligent operating room also incorporates a screen in the preoperative phase or integrated with a sharper display than the previous version, as well as more precise formulas to calculate the intraocular lenses, which allows greater precision, prediction and effectiveness at the time of planning the intervention, in addition to offering recommendations and proposing where to make the incisions so that they are as accurate as possible.

Less risks

One of the advantages that the new generation of intelligent operating theater incorporates in surgery is the reduction of the risk of complications such as refractive surprise. The entire treatment plan is taken to the operating room digitally on the image of the patient's eye and reduces the risks of error between planning and execution.

In addition, Eurocanarias Oftalmológica has exceeded the third audit of the IMP stamp, a standardized surgical procedure for the treatment of cataract and presbyopia assisted by intelligent technology, which assesses both the technological means available and the results of our interventions to certify obtaining the best results in our patients

With this certificate, patients know the commitment of our clinic and all of our professionals to use the most advanced technology to achieve the best results in surgery, concluded from the island clinic.


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