March 8, 2021

EU-Mercosur agreement can be ratified in two years: Brazil-Spain Chamber

The free trade agreement between Mercosur and the European Union (EU), signed on June 28, could be ratified in a period of up to two years, said the president of the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Spain, José Gasset Loring.

"I think that in two years (the ratification) will be," he said in an interview with Efe, before a dinner offered by the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Spain, on Thursday.

"The commercial policy, of commercial exchange, is already a common policy, now, it only needs the ratification of the European Parliament" (PE), added the businessman.

The next steps, explained Lorig, should be the approval of the agreement by the European Council, until the last quarter of this year, and the appreciation by Parliament, "in the first months of next year."

Loring also said that Brazil's commitment to the Paris Agreement against climate change is very "firm" and would not be an obstacle to the negotiations, as the French Government is threatening.

He added that there will be no difficulties on the part of the European agricultural sector, especially meat producers, which demands better phytosanitary conditions from Brazil.

"I think the agreement is much broader, which includes political cooperation, and issues related to the migration issue, it is broad enough not to focus only on trade in agricultural products, and there are also industrial products that are going to be affected positively, "he said.

The business representative suggested compensatory measures to the potentially disadvantaged sectors of Europe, such as the farmer, who will suffer the significant impact, but also those of sugar, citrus and rice, coming from the globalization funds of the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU.

He also praised the current president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, as "very favorable" to the agreement, despite the fact that the electoral future of that country is uncertain.

Brazil's ambassador to Spain, Pompeu Andreucci Neto, reinforced Brazil's environmental commitment, saying it is a "fundamental" point, "very sensitive" and in which the current government is "very committed".

Neto added that the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, stressed, more than once that Brazil will continue in the Paris Agreement and minimized the decision of the president to transfer to the Ministry of Agriculture the decision of the demarcation of indigenous lands.

"That will not harm (the mandate of the Mercosur-EU agreement.) The protection of indigenous people is in the Constitution," he told Efe.

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