Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

Esty Quesada’s poisoned gift to Pablo Motos

The program of Antenna 3 I received an unpublished couple in the space of Pablo Motos. Nuria Roca Y Esty Quesada, better known as
I am a pringada
The Anthill
to talk about program that has made them unexpected friends. The youtuber, known for her acid criticism, had a stranger present for the Valencian presenter.

The unexpected couple came to the set to present a program in which they have lived a particular trip through the United States that united them. Road trip will be released is a production of Atresmedia that will be released on the TNT channel. The collaborator and the youtuber
they didn’t know each other before, so the first impression was very funny.

'El Hormiguero': Nuria Roca and Esty Quesada, better known as 'I am a pringada', visited the program

‘El Hormiguero’: Nuria Roca and Esty Quesada, better known as ‘I am a pringada’, visited the program

According to Esty Quesada, their first time together was most curious, since both were loaded with prejudices. Specific,
I am a pringada
He made it clear that he was pleasantly surprised. “I thought I was going to be more stretched”, said the Basque in a start of sincerity before the questions of Pablo Motos.

The creator of the phrase ‘Carlota Corredera fat treacherous’, we mean
I am a pringada
, gave an eschatological moment that surely stirred the stomach to the viewers of El Hormiguero who were having dinner while watching the program. In a preview of the program he presented, he could see how he ate a dog poop he found in the middle of the street.

Eschatological gesture that left Nuria speechless

During the video preview of Road trip,
Nuria Roca did not give credit to what she had just witnessed by your program partner. The Valencian only managed to shout how disgusting it had been to see him and warn Esty that she had “a face full of shit”. A moment that the spectators surely will not forget.

During the interview in El Hormiguero, Pablo Motos had to count to three for several moments to avoid losing patience with the guest who debuted in the program. The first controversial gesture occurred when entering the set, when it seems that I am a pringada makes a comb towards the public and then covered his face, something that made you think for a moment that I was crying.

'El Hormiguero': Esty Quesada wanted to pay homage to one of Pablo Motos' yoga poses

‘El Hormiguero’: Esty Quesada wanted to pay homage to one of Pablo Motos’ yoga poses

Minutes later, the content creator on YouTube wanted to discover the surprise I had prepared for the presenter. “I hope you don’t punch me”, he said in advance that he might not like it. “I really like memes,” he began by saying before teaching a very special shirt in which you could see a picture of Motorcycle doing yoga. The posture was so original that it went viral on social networks became inspiration for hundreds of mounts.

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