Estimated LaLiga judicial appeal on the dispute of matches on Mondays and Fridays

The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, during an institutional act.

The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, during an institutional act.
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The Provincial Court of Madrid has partially estimated the appeal of The league in order to the dispute of matches on Mondays and Fridays and has declared that the conduct of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) is an act of unfair competition and ordered that they cease.

The ruling known this Monday resolves in this way the appeal that LaLiga presented after the case went to trial in February 2020 and the Commercial court number two will dismiss the employer's claim and order the parties to reach an agreement.

The judge also ruled then that if there was no agreement, it would be the Higher Sports Council (CSD) the one that resolved in this regard, as it happened so that this season games have been played on those dates with certain conditions.

Initially the Provincial Court It already estimated a year ago, at the beginning of June 2020, the precautionary measures requested by LaLiga against the resolution of the Mercantile Court and now it has partially estimated the appeal of this, confirmed sources from LaLiga.

The decision of the Hearing, which can be appealed, declares that the conduct of the RFEF suppose "an act of unfair competition" in accordance with Law 3/1991 on Unfair Competition and condemns it to cease in the aforementioned conducts, while rejecting the other claims in the lawsuit.

The Monday and Friday case came to trial in February 2020, after LaLiga sued the RFEF for disloyalty and prohibited conduct by preventing the holding of those meetings.

After the trial, on May 27 of last year, the head of the Commercial Court number 2 of Madrid dismissed the claim in its entirety and resolved that the parties should agree to the possible dispute of parties on those dates, according to the Coordination Agreement signed in July 2019.

It also contemplated a solution in the event that the parties did not agree, as they did in previous seasons, on the economic amount that LaLiga must pay to the RFEF to extend the day to Fridays and Mondays and dictated that it would have to be the Higher Sports Council (CSD) which determines it "adjusted to the circumstances and the facts."

Although the case continued in court, given the lack of agreement between the parties, the CSD issued, on October 16, a resolution of its president, Irene Lozano, by which he authorized the holding of the matches on those dates with certain conditions, which are those that have governed the last season.

Among these he included that it was in a maximum of 20 days per season, not including holidays, and only one game per day. He also set a time slot -defined and reserved until 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays- for the celebration and eventual broadcasting of matches of the Women's First and the rest of the categories.

Before the decision of the CSD and after the ruling of the Commercial Court against it, LaLiga went to the Provincial Court to request precautionary measures, which were upheld by section 28 at the beginning of June of last year and then, without resolving the As it has done today, it has already issued the cessation of any action aimed at preventing any action that prevents LaLiga from complying with the commercialization conditions signed with the operators.

With that estimate from the Hearing, LaLiga again requested the Mercantile Court number 2 maintenance of these precautionary measures, but the judge and after hearing the parties again, rejected them on October 20 of last year. EFE


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