Esther's family requests the arrest of Óscar S. after finding DNA in the trunk

Relatives and friends of Esther López, at one of the concentrations in Traspinedo. / RODRIGO JIMENEZ

The relatives of the ill-fated neighbor of Traspinedo fear that the main investigated flees from Spain due to the result of the new biological tests

The family of Esther López demands that the instructor of the case order the arrest of the main person under investigation in the case, after the results of the latest Criminalistics reports of the Civil Guard come to light in which it is confirmed that one of the samples of organic remains collected from inside the trunk of Óscar SM's car corresponds to the "undoubted" genetic profile of Traspinedo's neighbor. They fear that, given the new indications, the suspect, who has a travel agency, will leave Spain.

In a statement made public this Friday, those close to the ill-fated young woman emphasize that the last two months of investigation by the Civil Guard have revealed that Esther López "was abandoned to her fate after suffering an intentional outrage that left her unable to fend for herself and at the mercy of those who denied her the help that could have saved her life».

Those close to Esther López stress that "after finding the DNA that a lot of effort was put into hiding, there are plenty of indications that point to a single person"

They emphasize that "after investigating several people, questioning many more, analyzing several cars and houses, confirming the locations of all those investigated at the time of their disappearance and finding DNA that much effort was put into hiding, there is no doubt that that those agents of the Civil Guard have managed to discover that there are plenty of indications that point to a single person as allegedly responsible for what happened to our Esther ».

The statement, which has been sent by the family's lawyer, Guillermo Ruiz Blay, at no time mentions the name of the main person investigated in the case and on which the Civil Guard has focused, once the only suspect who was arrested has been ruled out. at the beginning of the proceedings, Ramón G. and confirmed the alibi of Esther's third friend who appears as being investigated in the case file, Lucio Carlos G., 'Carolo'. This has become the main witness for the investigators, since he was partying with Esther and Óscar at dawn on January 13 and was in the car with them until he decided to go home and they left him in the parking lot of the La Maña restaurant in around three in the morning. For Esther's relatives, the biological evidence should be enough to justify, at least, another appearance of Óscar in court to explain why there are traces of her DNA inside the trunk of the Volkswagen T-Roc, that is why they demand his immediate arrest.

"She can escape any day with the same coldness with which she was able to hide the body for weeks while her neighbors and friends were looking for her," her relatives argue.

The family also expresses their pain, which intensifies, they explain, "because that person was known" and affirms that they do not understand that "in this new scenario riddled with solid evidence, he is allowed to remain free when he can escape any day with the same coldness with the that she was able to hide Esther's body for weeks while her neighbors and friends searched for her."

For this reason, he demands that "the main suspect of having torn Esther from us from our side not be allowed to roam free, but also of hiding what had happened even from his closest friends." And he insists that police science is now valid so that the system takes measures that guarantee that Justice will be done for Esther ".

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