April 14, 2021

Estepona disassembles its urban urban slide – La Provincia

The company responsible for the construction and installation of the controversial Estepona slide, which had to be closed shortly after being inaugurated due to the injuries that it caused to some users that reached a considerable speed in the descent, it has proceeded to the withdrawal of said infrastructure After completing the complementary review to which it was submitted.

The consistory clarifies that neither the construction work nor the subsequent installation and dismantling of this structure have supposed nor will cost the municipal coffers, since no amount was ever paid for the slide and there is no place to pay economic amounts for said retired infrastructure. In that regard, he denies the statements made by the Socialists, "in a new campaign to discredit the city."

Estepona City Council recalls in a statement that the expansion of Los Niño parks has allowed this space to be provided with a green area of ​​38,000 square meters, with numerous large-caliber trees, as well as pine plantations on the slopes of the plot.

The project has been completed with the installation of public lighting, irrigation and rainwater collection networks, as well as the placement of street furniture, lighting and a series of pedestrian paths. These works have not entailed any cost for the City Council, since these urbanization works are the responsibility of the company promoting the development of this urban sector.


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