Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

Estella City Council votes tomorrow the motion of censure of Bildu, Geroa Bai and former PSN councilors to the mayor of Navarra Suma

The motion of censure will thus give the Mayor to the first mayor during the last legislature, Koldo Leoz, from EH Bildu, a municipal group that has six representatives, behind the majority group in the Consistory, Navarra Suma, with seven ediles, which it holds today Today the Mayor’s Office. Koldo Leoz will assume the Mayor’s office until March 1, 2022, and will later go to Jorge Crespo, by virtue of the agreement reached by the signatories of the censure motion.

The PSN obtained three representatives in the last municipal elections but two have been expelled from the party for disobeying the leadership in presenting the motion of censure, so they have become unaffiliated.

The municipal corporation is completed by the only PSN representative who has followed the instructions of the Socialist Party, which will not therefore support the motion, and the mayor of Geroa Bai, who will support it.

The debate on the motion, which was presented on March 9 by the nine councilors, remains like this for Tuesday at noon when considering the Secretary of the City Council, explained EH Bildu de Estella, that the security measures collected can be met in the current coronavirus alarm state scenario.

This Sunday, the Estella PSN asked that the plenary not be held on Tuesday and appealed to “everyone’s responsibility, in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis.” As indicated, this motion of censure “began, weeks ago, behind closed doors, dividing the Mayor’s Office between two people and it will take place behind closed doors.”

For his part, the UPN president, Javier Esparza, criticized the “political indecency” of EH Bildu and Geroa Bai for “continuing with the censure motion in Estella” and reproached that the president of the Government of Navarra, María Chivite, ” he allows it”. “If the PSN allows this, it is clear that it is in the hands of Basque nationalism and that it is Uxue Barkos who rules in Navarra,” he added.

From Geroa Bai it was also stated this Sunday that it is not for him to set the date of the plenary session in which the motion of censure will be debated and stressed that “the specific date responds to a technical decision that the municipal groups cannot but respect”. In addition, the coalition reaffirmed its decision to support the motion “with the democratic majority of the session” and expressed its “unequivocal will” to “enable an alternative government to that of Navarra Suma.”


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