Estampa consolidates as an art reference appointment | Economy

Estampa consolidates as an art reference appointment | Economy

The twenty-sixth edition of the Estampa fair, which will be held on October 18 and 21 at the facilities of IFEMA, supposes the consolidation of this meeting as the great autumn appointment of the art market in Spain and a reference for the galleries and Spanish collecting. This edition will have the participation of 75 galleries of contemporary art and five institutional projects with nearly a thousand national and international artists, included both in the general program and in the curated program Contraindicaciones and in the Solo Projects section and the program of the institutions.

The General Program stands out both for the level of the participating galleries and for the interest of the projects presented. It is worth mentioning, among others, galleries and projects such as Juana de Aizpuru (Madrid), Carreras Múgica (Bilbao), Moisés Pérez de Albéniz (Madrid), Max Estrella (Madrid), Cayón Gallery (Madrid, Menorca, Manila), Espacio Bernal (Madrid), Miguel Marcos (Barcelona), Carlos Carvalho Contemporary Art (Lisbon), Rafael Ortiz (Seville), Juan Silió (Santander), Pilar Serra (Madrid), Paz y Comedias or Punto (both from Valencia), José de La Mano (Madrid), T20 and Art Nueve (from Murcia) or Yusto / Giner (Málaga).

The program Contraindicaciones, curated by Guillermo Espinosa, has invited galleries and artists to break both the unity of thought and the linearity of exposition to confront ideas and aesthetics that are difficult to reconcile. Six galleries participate in this proposal: Espacio Valverde (Madrid), Isabel Hurley (Malaga), EspaiTactel (Valencia), Ponce + Robles (Madrid), Espacio Olivera (Seville) and Saro León (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria).

In addition, this edition will show a series of five Solo Projects by other artists from the galleries José de la Fuente (Santander), with Tania Blanco; Rafael Pérez Hernando (Madrid), with Felicidad Moreno; ATM (Gijón), with Jesús Herrera; F2 (Madrid), with Katja Angeli; and Rosa Santos (Valencia), with Mira Bernabeu.


Location: Pavilion number 2 of the Campo de las Naciones fairgrounds (Avenida del Partenón, s / n, 28042 Madrid).

Schedule: The fair will be held between October 18 and 21 between 12.00 and 21.00.

Tickets: General admission costs 15 euros. Tickets have a 20% discount when presenting the Youth Card. For large families there are discounts of 50% and also for those who present the non-university student card. Children under 11 and those over 65 do not have to pay.

Access: There is parking (for a fee), but the use of public transport is recommended. The Metro (Feria de Madrid station, line 8), lines 104, 112 and 122 of the EMT can be used.

In collaboration with the City of Madrid, and curated by Violeta Janeiro, the project will be developed A suspicious truth through the projection of the work of several international artists who use filming from different genres.

Participate among others, the Portuguese Filipa César and the British Louis Henderson with the film Sunstone ; the Colectivo Los Ingrávidos with Coyolxauhqui de México ; the Spanish Eli Cortiñas with the movie Quella walk ; Pauline Curnier Jardin, with Explosion Ma Baby of France; Nazli Dincel, with Between Relating and Use from Turkey; Tatiana Fuentes Sadowski, with The Footprint of Peru ; Sophie Mallet, with Our Gelatinus Past of the United Kingdom and Jean-Gabriel Périot with the screening of Of the joie dans ce combat of France. They are, for the most part, films that are presented for the first time in the national context. This program is completed with two round tables that will be developed in a performative and in which Marla Jacarilla who works on falsification starting from the discourse and Eulalia Valdosera, whose work unfolds from phenomenology and psyche will participate.

For the third consecutive year, Hablarenarte organizes Residencies Exchange, the Curatorial Program of Estampa, with the support of the Spanish Cultural Action Program for the Internationalization of Spanish Culture (PICE) and the collaboration of AECID and Matadero Madrid.

The meeting, parallel to the Estampa Fair, has as its main objective to introduce them to the Spanish artistic sphere and generate networks between local and international cultural agents, at the same time that it places value on the figure of artistic residences as fundamental spaces for the support of creation .

Most recent prints

The stand The institutional framework of Castilla-La Mancha will be dedicated this year to Municipal Museum of Valdepeñas and his collection of the Painting Prize with a sample curated by Enrique Andrés Ruiz, who will moderate a table with the critic Juan Manuel Bonet and Jesús Martín, mayor of Valdepeñas and member of the Senate Culture Committee.

The objective of the regional government is to make known, in the context of the fair, the vitality of contemporary art in this autonomous community, whose historical task of promotion and dissemination of culture and art in our country has fundamental reference institutions in Cuenca and Toledo.

On the other hand, the participation of the Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving includes a sample of the most recent engravings made by Jaume Plensa, one of the Spanish artists with the greatest international projection in our days, National Prize for Graphic Art and National Prize for Plastic Arts, among many other recognitions.

Ángela de la Cruz will be the guest artist of the fair

Angela of the Cross, born in A Coruña 53 years ago, is the guest artist in this edition of the Estampa fair, where she will present a series of paintings made specifically for the fair. De la Cruz was awarded in 2017 with the National Prize for Plastic Arts. The jury recognized the "intensity of his work that explores the complex relationship between the illusionist space of painting and the physical presence of sculpture." It will also be the protagonist of one of the forums that will analyze, directed by Fernando Castro Flórez, the renewal and the transgression in painting.

De la Cruz moved to London in the late eighties after graduating in Philosophy and Letters at the University of Santiago de Compostela. There he began studying at Chelsea College of Art and later at Goldsmiths College and Slade School of Art. He was commissioned to paint Larger Than Life in 1998 for the ballroom of the Royal Festival Hall. He also exhibited in Manifest 5 in San Sebastián in 2004. Since then, his artistic career has not stopped growing and he has lived key moments such as his exhibition at the Camden Arts Center titled despues de , and for which that same year of 2010 was nominated for the Turner Prize.

The artist suffered a stroke in 2006 that left her in a coma for two years. After a hard rehabilitation, he was in a wheelchair and still has difficulty expressing himself with his voice. Despite this, the painter is still active and continues to create works of art, helped by a team of assistants. In his last works, De la Cruz has used aluminum as the base material.

Error faith

In the printed edition, it appears that the schedule of the Estampa fair is from 12.00 to 14.00. It's a mistake, the fair's schedule is from 12.00 to 21.00.


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