Thu. Mar 21st, 2019

Esperanza Gracia, admitted due to health problems

La astróloga de Telecinco, Esperanza Gracia, ingresada por problemas de salud

The incombustible clairvoyant who has been in Telecinco giving your daily astrological predictions, you are going through a bad time Health. Grace Hope has had to be entered at the Hospital de la Paz in Madrid on Friday night. A situation that we have been able to know thanks to a video of one's own astrologer, in which he explained how he was.

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Despite being entered throughout the weekend, the image of Grace has continued to appear in Telecinco (It is a recorded program), in addition to continuing to publish relevant predictions on their social networks.

The hilarious predictions of Esperanza Gracia on Netflix

The hilarious predictions of Esperanza Gracia on Netflix

"Even though I'm still here, I'm still with your adored followers, you give me so much that it's the best medicine" With this message, Esperanza Gracia informed her followers on social networks of her delicate state of health, which she herself has not wanted to deepen. He only wanted to reassure by recording with his cell phone in which he thanked for all the support.

"From La Paz, at a time when health is playing tricks on me, see that little green light is like feeling hope reborn inside your body", He explained in the images.

In fact, the astrologer responded to those who cared about her state of health with a message of strength: "I continue to do my job even if I am hospitalized, my little head is still connected to the Cosmos. "

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