Esperanza Aguirre confesses that Pedro Sánchez was upset when he said “handsome”: “He has not called me again”

Esperanza Aguirre, in & # 039; Everything is a lie & # 039 ;.

Esperanza Aguirre, in ‘Everything is a lie’.

Hope Aguirre has become a common face in TV after departing from the PP. Among her current tasks, the former president of the Community of Madrid is a collaborator of ‘Everything is a lie‘, where he usually confesses some curious experiences he had throughout his time as a politician. On this occasion, he wanted to share an anecdote related to Pedro Sanchez.

Aguirre explained what happened to the current Prime Minister: “I was at a press conference and they asked me what I thought of the new secretary general of the PSOE and I asked who he was.” “They answered that Sánchez and I asked again who is Pedro Sánchez, the handsome?”, has explained.

Apparently this comment did not like the leader of the PSOE, who decided to contact her: “It seems fatal to me that you called me handsome “. To which she did not hesitate to respond: “It is not that bad either, I told her and has not called again “, has recognized before the surprised face of his companions of the program of Risto Mejide.


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