Mon. Aug 26th, 2019

Esperanza Aguirre, before a court for the "gestapillo" from Madrid

Esperanza Aguirre, ante un tribunal por la “gestapillo” madrileña

The former president of the Community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, will sit on Monday before the Provincial Court as a witness to certify whether she ordered or had knowledge of organized espionage from his administration to investigate political rivals. She has always denied her knowledge, just like her right hand Ignacio González, who will also be interrogated by these facts on the same day as Aguirre.

They do it in the trial that has been held since last week against six accused for following up on several Madrid leaders of the PP, among them Manuel Cobo or Alfredo Prado. All the work carried out was paid with funds from the regional Administration, which is why they are accused of embezzlement of public funds.

The defendants are former employees of the second level Security area. Justice has not sat on the bench to any politician, despite the fact that in the background of history there is a power struggle between various sectors of the Madrid PP.

As much Aguirre as González and Granados, that during many years made equipment in Madrid, they were saved of being investigated of having ordered to mount the well-known one like "gestapillo". The latter two ended up in prison later on corruption issues even though her former boss has come out unscathed despite being the head of the Community. In fact, the National Court is investigating the alleged illegal financing of the Madrid PP to pay for the electoral campaigns of Aguirre although the judge, Manuel García Castellón, has not yet made a decision on the imputation of the former president.

The right hand of Gallardón, the complainant

The case of the 'gestapillo' represents the rivalries that there were in Madrid. It was known the confrontations between Aguirre and the then mayor of Madrid, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, who ended up being Minister of Justice in the first stage of Mariano Rajoy.

In fact, it is Manuel Cobo, ex-right of Ruiz-Gallardón, who reported that he had been a victim of surveillance between April and May 2008. In the proceedings was added the complaint filed by the former counselor Alfredo Prada before the Prosecutor's Office of Madrid.

The follow-ups would have been carried out in full battle for power within the Popular Party after Mariano Rajoy lost the 2008 general election. Cobo and Prada, then, were considered adversaries of Esperanza Aguirre. The report of the lawyers of the Community of Madrid in which it is recognized that there were follow-up tasks and, at least, two dossiers on Cobo made during a trip to Colombia were leaked to the press.

A trial with little future

More than the political scandal of espionage between political rivals, this issue has had many ups and downs. In fact, the judge who instructed the case filed it three times, although he had to reopen it by order of the Provincial Court. In addition, the Office of the Prosecutor does not accuse and request the acquittal of the accused, considering that there is no criminal offense in the alleged follow-ups to different politicians of the Community of Madrid.

Instead, the private actions accuse the director of security in the time of Aguirre, Sergio Gamón, and five other people, including three civil guards. In the dock of the defendants sit the former official José Manuel Pinto; the civil guards José Ear, Antonio Coronado Y Luis Caro. So will the 'number two' of Gamón, Miguel Castaño Grande.

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